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What’s Wrong With Canadians?

Not you.

You understand that reducing sentences for violent criminal offences and gun smuggling doesn’t stop violent criminals or prevent gang shootings.

You comprehend that pointless gestures like Justin Trudeau’s bans on firearms owned by licensed firearms owners is beyond useless at stopping drug-fueled, gang-related shootings.

You know that gang violence will never be stopped no matter how many rifles or shotguns Trudeau confiscates from hunters, farmers and sport shooters.

We’re talking about the rest of our country-men and -women who don’t know anything about guns or the hoops we all jump through so politicians can pander to their irrational fear.

Those Canadians don’t know (or care) at all about our long-standing culture of safety or our nearly unblemished safety record at shooting clubs and ranges all across Canada.

All they know is they are afraid.

Because they’re so afraid, they willingly and blindly believe the first politician who says he (or she) can take away their fear.

That lying politician points the finger at us, calls us names and says we’re the reason drug dealers and gangs shoot up our cities with shocking regularity.

They believe the lying and unprincipled politician, so those Canadians dump all their fear, all their paranoia, and all their ignorance on our shoulders, and blame us for every ounce of it.

Opportunistic politicians like Justin Trudeau and his cabinet of virtue-signalling, do-nothing do-gooders are thrilled to pander to their ignorance and their fear and happily make promise after unfulfilled promise.

And our uninformed and fear-filled fellow Canadians fall for it every single time.

All we ever wanted was to be left alone.

The CSSA only exists because generations of ignoramuses like Justin Trudeau, Marco Mendicino, Bill Blair and the rest of his sociopathic government monsters (ministers) kept telling the generations of uninformed and fear-filled Canadians that they would solve all of their problems and take away all their fear and uncertainty.

Those opportunistic and agenda-driven politicians passed law after useless law down through the decades, knowing they will never stop the violence.

How could they possibly?

Every one of their useless restrictions and their even more useless laws are pointed at the most law-abiding segment of Canadians possible – federally-licensed RCMP-vetted firearm owners. Statistics Canada data shows we’re far safer than serving police officers.

But nobody wants to hear those facts.

So we, being good citizens and good neighbours, jumped through ever more and ever higher hoops while the real problem – the gang thugs who murdered 17-year-old Jonathan Davis[i] in 2019 or the gang thugs who gunned down a grade 10 student[ii] at Weston Collegiate Institute in Toronto – is repeatedly ignored by every level of government.

Lip service is paid to “stopping the flow of illegal guns” but the border is as porous as it ever was, and the political class steadfastly refuses to do anything about the epidemic of criminals already saddled with Firearms Prohibition Orders who are released (or never serve a day in prison to begin with) only to get their hands on more illegal guns so they can shoot up our cities, our towns and our villages, and kill more Canadians every week.

And every time another drug or gang thug shoots another innocent Canadian, politically opportunistic lying politicians like Justin Trudeau and his merry band of virtue signallers point their deceitful fingers at us as they pass another useless regulation, another Order in Council or another law (sometimes all three) that will NEVER stop drug dealers and gangs from committing their violence.

All so they can reassure the uninformed and fearful Canadians who Trudeau counts on for votes because he knows it works.

All governments at all levels love to be “seen to be doing something” about drug- and gang-fueled violence, but the politician willing to stand up to the stupidity of our Liberal government’s irrational and useless policies are truly few and far between.








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