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Grassroots Political Action: Another CSSA Member Does It Right

Grassroots Political Action

The letter below is from one of our members, Irene K. She is rightfully upset that her premier, Ontario’s Doug Ford, isn’t lifting a finger to defend her rights and her property from the federal government, which intends to confiscate her legally owned, legally acquired private property.

This is a great example of our members engaging their elected representatives and politely but firmly demanding they do their job and protect the rights of those they swore to represent.

If you live in Saskatchewan or Alberta, write a letter thanking your premier for defending you and your firearms from Justin Trudeau’s federal government.[i]

For the rest of Canada, use Irene’s letter as the spark to write your own letter to your premier. Politely demand your premier look at Saskatchewan’s Bill 117[ii], an Act Respecting Saskatchewan Firearms, and use it as a model for the legislative defence of firearms and firearms owners in your province. 

Letter submitted by Irene K. [last name withheld by request]




Dear Premier Ford,

What are you doing to protect my rights and my legally obtained property?

As a licensed firearm owner, I am concerned about the recent government proposals that threaten to confiscate my legally obtained property and infringe upon my rights.

As a law-abiding citizen, I have undergone a rigorous process of background checks, tests, and licensing to legally obtain my firearms. I’ve done everything the government asked of me, so I expect that my rights will be respected and protected.

Please tell me why you are not standing up for my rights.

Why you are allowing the government of Canada to steal my legally obtained property?

Would you stand idly by and watch the federal government confiscate motor vehicles from Ontarians without compensation?

According to statistics from December 26, 2022, there were 23,689 car accidents resulting in personal injury, with 505 deaths as a result of these accidents.

The majority of those killed were drivers, with 342 deaths, and the second largest demographic of victims were pedestrians, with 116 fatalities.

The latest data I could find for Ontario says 127 people were killed by a firearm, one quarter the loss of life caused by vehicles.

Motor vehicles kill far more people each year than guns, so why is this significant issue – deaths by motor vehicle – not adequately addressed by your government or any other level of government?

I took classes, test, and passed a practical exam to become a licensed DRIVER.

I obtained my vehicle legally.

As a licensed driver who obtained my vehicle legally, I believe that my rights by law and property should be protected, just as my firearms should be.

I took classes, a written and practical test to become a licensed firearm owner.

The process is identical for cars and guns (more stringent background checks for gun owners), yet you’re not lifting a finger to protect my property rights on guns.

If the federal government said it would confiscate your legally-acquired CAR, would you take a stand for personal property then, Premier Ford?

I find it distressing that the government seems to focus solely on confiscating firearms yet neglects the significant risks posed by other private property, such as vehicles.

As a personal support worker and office manager for a not-for-profit organization, I am a responsible citizen who contributes positively to my community.

I expect that my rights will be respected and that the government will not infringe upon my legal rights to own firearms.

I urge you to stand up for the rights of licensed firearm owners and to ensure that our legally obtained property is not confiscated by the federal government.

Saskatchewan is protecting their citizens through legislation. So is Alberta.

You can, too.

So I ask you again, Premier Ford, what are you doing to protect my rights and my legally obtained property?



Irene K.







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