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SK Firearms Office Signs Landmark Education Agreement with Métis Nation

For Robert Freberg, Chief Firearms Officer of Saskatchewan, education – not criminal charges – is the pathway to compliance.

Freberg’s lifelong commitment to public safety through education culminated in this groundbreaking agreement with Métis Nation-Saskatchewan that will raise awareness about the importance of firearms safety training.

The educational initiative will also promote Canada’s firearms licensing scheme as the pathway to compliance.

“This is a great example of the ongoing work the Saskatchewan Firearms Office is doing to promote education and public awareness about the importance of firearms safety and licensing in this province,” said Robert Freberg.[i]

“I look forward to working with the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan leadership and citizens on the goals outlined in this agreement, and learning more about what we can do for them as part of our ongoing work to represent responsible firearms owners in Saskatchewan.”

The Memorandum of Understanding[ii] (MOU) states, in part:

Federal government changes to firearms rules such as the Order-in-Council (OIC) of May 1, 2020, and Bill C-21 will lead to the unnecessary criminalization of firearms owners and the diminishing of individual firearms owners’ property rights to own and use their firearms for sustenance hunting, sport, and recreation.

With Bill C-21 and the closing of the OIC amnesty period, citizens of the Metis Nation-Saskatchewan and other indigenous Canadians could be subject to high levels of firearm seizures and prosecution due to lack of knowledge of regulations and varied levels of licensing.

This Memorandum seeks to further strengthen The Saskatchewan Firearms Act, which some refer to as a “firewall” against overreach by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.

The MOU lists four specific areas of collaboration:

  1. Promotion of education and licensing of as many community members as possible.
  2. Minimizing unnecessary criminalization of individuals for regulatory offences.
  3. The need for appropriate compensation for seized firearms.
  4. Protection of gun owners’ current and future privileges.

The Chief Firearms Office will also host a series of training days – “1 day to Get Your PAL” (Possession and Acquisition Licence) – for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and provide assistance with completing all forms required to apply for a PAL.

“To build those communities together, build our province and our nation, that’s what people expect leaders to do and that’s what we’re doing today with the two memorandum of understanding,” Premier Scott Moe said Saturday during a scrum with reporters after the signing ceremony at the Métis Nation Legislative Assembly in Saskatoon.

“We are proud to sign this agreement with Métis Nation-Saskatchewan to promote public awareness of firearms safety and to continue Saskatchewan’s strong tradition of responsible firearms ownership,” Public Safety Minister Paul Merriman said.

“This agreement plays a crucial role in recognizing and preserving the cultural and historical practices of hunting and trapping,” Merriman said.

Saskatchewan’s agreement with Métis Nation-Saskatchewan agreement is a shining example of how public safety is enhanced through education, without abusing the property rights and freedoms of Canadians.

Congratulations to Chief Firearms Officer Robert Freberg, Public Safety Minister Paul Merriman, Premier Scott Moe and Glen McCallum, President of Metis Nation-Saskatchewan for their leadership in this area.

There is a great lesson for Ottawa to learn from this Made-In-Saskatchewan solution… should they choose to (finally) pay attention to the needs and desires of ordinary Canadians.






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