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FAIL! Bill Blair Cuts CBSA Funding, Redefines the Word ‘Invest’

Bill Blair Cuts CBSA Funding, Redefines the Word ‘Invest’

Bill Blair, Minister of Public Safety, misleads both the House of Commons and the Canadian people when he says he increased funding for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

For the past three years, Minister Blair has repeated the same announcement, $51.5 million over five years to beef up border security.

He’s a broken record, repeating the same tired announcement every time a microphone finds its way in front of his face.

It’s no different in the House of Commons (although the numbers change).

“I’m glad the member mentioned gun smuggling because we invested $86 million in the CBSA and RCMP to conduct investigations at our border for those gangs and individuals responsible for smuggling guns,”[i] Bill Blair told the House of Commons on May 21, 2020.

Then he called out the previous Conservative government for doing precisely what he’s doing today – slashing the CBSA budget.

“In fact, a Conservative government, prior to our being elected, actually cut funding for the RCMP and our border services officers by hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of people and staff, thereby weakening our response to those gangs.”[ii]

According to a document presented to Parliament, Minister Bill Blair plans to slash funding for Canada Border Services Agency by $264.9 million in 2021 and another $125.1 million in 2022.[iii]




Minister Blair repeatedly praises himself in Parliament for his “investments in borders and law enforcement.”[iv]

Investing in the Canada Border Services Agency by slashing its budget by $390 million over the next two years?

Minister Blair, stop the constant lying to Canadians – both inside and outside of Parliament, Bill.

You are a Minister of the Dominion of Canada, and you’re degrading the office you currently hold.



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