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Game On? No, It’s the Battle for Our Future

When news broke yesterday the election writ would be dropped this morning, social media erupted with cheers of “Game On!” and “Finally!”

The excitement was palpable. Media talking heads were beside themselves, filling the airwaves with speculation and projections of who would win “the game.” One CBC host even said, “It feels like Christmas!”

There’s only one problem.

Election 2019 is no game. And it’s not Christmas, either.

It’s the battle for what kind of Canada we leave our children and grandchildren.

It’s the battle for the future of our firearms community, our culture of safety, and our ability to own guns.

On the Liberals’ current path, that’s a future of crushing debt, the destruction of Canada’s oil and gas industry and the destruction of Canada’s law-abiding firearms community.
That’s no laughing matter.

Election 2019 is not a game. It’s the most critical decision we and our fellow Canadians will make in a generation.

It doesn’t get any more serious than this.

Between now and Election Day the CSSA will keep doing the same thing we’ve done since the morning after the last election ended.

We will keep earning the trust of our public servants and elected officials. We will keep educating hopeful candidates about what firearm ownership in Canada really looks like, and we will keep dispelling the myths and outright lies of advocacy groups and political parties alike.


Because Election 2019 will determine whether we have a future or not, and the future of Canadian firearm ownership is no laughing matter.

That’s serious business.

It’s serious business we’ve been committed to defending since the CSSA was created.

We have 315 election ads booked and they are filmed, edited and ready to go – all designed to get out the vote. Some are airing already. Maybe you’ve seen them on CityTV, Wild TV and other networks. As great as those ads are, they’re just a beginning.

We have a lot more work to do in the coming days.

Will you help us?

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