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“Gun Control” Advocates Turn Their Knives on Bill Blair

Bill Blair, Canada’s newly-minted AR-15 Salesman of the Year, learned a harsh truth we at the CSSA have known for a very long time.
Canada’s “gun control” elitists are not Liberal Party supporters – they are political opportunists – disingenuous, liars with zero interest in the public safety of Canadians.
Their singular political agenda is to ban all guns in Canada and they will tell anyone whatever they think their audience wants to hear. Especially if they are talking to a Liberal minister in charge of gun bans.
And, as you just learned, Minister Blair, they will turn on anyone who gets in their way faster than you can say your current favourite and moronic buzz-phrase: “assault-style weapon.”
No matter what your manufactured polls might say, we’re talking about handfuls of Canadians who view this issue with any kind of importance.
How does it feel to have your so-called “supporters” turn on you, Minister?
Seriously, what did you expect? Like the Aesop fable, you knew they were snakes before you brought them in from the cold.
This is the kind of treatment you can expect from agenda-riddled, manipulative people who have no interest in the truth.
During your cross-country consultation tour, you heard from many of Canada’s 2.2 million licensed gun owners. You listened as we told you, politely and honestly, where the problems lie, and where they don’t.
Your report told the nation what we already knew, as well. An overwhelming percentage of Canadians know banning handguns (or any other guns, for that matter) from licensed and RCMP-vetted individuals will not and cannot stop violent criminals, drug dealers and gangs from committing evil.
Eighty-one percent said, “NO GUN BANS.” Why do you spit in the face of democracy?
Stop wasting your time and Canadian taxpayers’ money on “gun buyback” schemes should you manage to win the next election. The AR-15 has only been used in a single crime in Canadian history, a fact you surely know.
Focus on what will truly improve public safety, not what pays lip service to a handful of ungrateful and dishonest people.
Tackle gun smuggling at the border. Tackle gang violence in our cities. Tackle the rampant crime in our rural areas. These are goals every Canadian can support.
Banning guns that aren’t used in crime in Canada? Not so much.

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