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The Election is Coming! The Election is Coming!

To paraphrase Paul Revere’s famous battle cry, the election is coming, and it’s coming fast.
With Parliament recessed for the summer barbecue circuit, MPs are back in their ridings campaigning hard for your vote. Yes, even though the election won’t officially be called until early September.
What does this mean for gun owners?
Well, a few things. It means we have an opportunity to get in front of our elected officials and express our support for our MP if they support our battle for common-sense firearm laws. If our MP does not support reasonable measures, then it’s time to find the local candidate for the party that does support common-sense firearm laws and support them with our time, our talents and our treasure.
It’s also time for each of us to begin planning for the election.
Should we vote in the advance polls? Absolutely.
Why? Because every vote counts in Election 2019. With our own vote already cast, we can focus on helping our family, friends and co-workers vote as well.
This will be a tight election. As shocking as it may seem to some of us, the Liberal Party has a strong chance of being re-elected. If that happens, we already know what they will do.
Minister Bill Blair told us.
“Evan, I can tell you, there are weapons that are designed solely to kill people. Their whole intent and purpose is to be efficient in the killing of people, and we’ve seen in mass murders in Canada around the world that those weapons have been used for that purpose because they are efficient killing machines. I feel very strongly that there’s no place for those weapons in Canadian society.”[i]
He will ban and confiscate guns he doesn’t approve of, like the AR-15, even though that specific rifle has only been used in a single crime in Canadian history (by organized crime hit men).
Minister Ralph Goodale just announced he will seek re-election too. Why? 
“There’s a lot more work left to be done…”[ii]
While he didn’t cite the firearms issue specifically, he parroted Minister Bill Blair’s comments before the Senate, where he told committee members if he couldn’t get a gun ban done before the election, he would come back and get it done after the election.
Our job, as gun owners, is to ensure that Ralph Goodale, Bill Blair and the Liberal Party of Canada don’t get that chance.
Find your local Conservative Party candidate and support him or her. Whether your riding has a Conservative MP already or is fighting to gain one in Election 2019, they need your support.
Contact your candidate. Find out how you can help them now, before the election is called, as well as during the writ period.
There’s a lot of work to be done, and these candidates need our help now, just as we will need their help after the election to repeal Bill C-71 and focus on common-sense measures to stop the cycle of violence across our nation spawned by drug dealers, gangs and criminals.
It’s also the perfect time to support the CSSA’s war chest. If you haven’t donated to the CSSA recently (or ever), today is a great time to help us fight the coming election.
The television ads are already written. Production is underway. As soon as they’re completed, you will see them on nationally-televised shows like Canada in the Rough.
If you would like to support these efforts, click the link below to make a donation, no matter how big or how small.
Every dollar counts. Every donation brings us one step closer to our common goal – common-sense legislation on firearms.
That’s worth fighting for.

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