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It’s Never About the Guns – It’s About Control

Longtime CSSA member Frank Smith (not his real name) passed away on August 6, 2022.  After sharing the sad news with us, Frank’s widow’s next words left us bitter and angry.

“Thank God he didn’t have to suffer through the government confiscating and destroying his firearm collection.”

What an awful reality we RCMP-vetted firearm owners face when “the mercy” is dying before our government can destroy our way of life.

An evil monster threatens to consume our way of life, and we seem powerless to stop it.

For two generations, we’ve jumped through every single regulatory hoop placed in front of us, no matter how stupid the requirements were.

We’ve patiently obeyed every new restriction designed – not to make Canada a safer place – but to placate the bevy of hysterical activists whose singular desire is to remove all firearms from the Canadian cultural landscape.

“We have an agenda and our task will be completed when all firearms have been prohibited, but as you can see, our position has been consistent over these five years and will not change,” said Heidi Rathjen in 1995.[i]

It’s not about public safety. It’s about control. It’s about dictating what you can and cannot do in a supposedly free and democratic country.

History proves, time after time, that firearm registration equals firearm confiscation, and one needs to look no further than our present situation.

“The listed firearms prescribed for prohibition represent 80% of registered rifles in Canada, the majority of which are located in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.”[ii]

If these activists truly desired to keep Canadians safe, why are they ALL conveniently silent on the issue of reforming our failed and broken Firearms Prohibition Order system?

Their refusal to advocate for this reform means they are indirectly to blame for the deaths of dozens.

For example, Carol Culleton, Anastasia Kuzyk and Nathalie Warmerdam were murdered by Basil Borutski who, at the time of the murders, was subject to a lifetime Firearms Prohibition Order.

Not only did his lifetime FPO not prevent this murderer from obtaining the illegal gun he used to slay three innocent women, Borutski still had his revoked firearms licence in his possession when police arrested him. [iii]

But advocate to fix this failed system that continues to cost innocent lives?

Not a chance.

The solution, according to the Inquest into the Deaths of Carol Culleton, Anastasia Kuzyk and Nathalie Warmerdam, is to add a new class of murder – femicide – to the Criminal Code.[iv]

If keeping women safe was their true agenda, fixing Canada’s FPO system would be at the top of every “gun control” advocate’s list.

It’s not.

They refuse to touch the issue with a ten-foot pole because dealing with violent criminals who murder innocent people is not and has never been part of their agenda.

“…our task will be completed when all firearms have been prohibited…”

Gun owners are partly at fault.

As an identifiable cultural group, we’ve always placated the evil monster in the bizarre hope that he will – this time – leave the village alone.

That strategy has never worked. Not here in Canada. Not anywhere in the world.

The evil monster’s hunger is insatiable. It always wants MORE.

The Liberal government promised to ban handgun sales but, since passing a law in Parliament is inconvenient, takes time and a majority of votes, the “better” solution is to simply bypass Parliament entirely and cut off the supply immediately.

This is the craven hunger of the monster we face. Its desire is to destroy the most law-abiding segment our society has to offer – and it will not stop until it consumes every honest, peaceful citizen in our village.

We have been told – repeatedly – that if we just give up one more tiny sliver of ground, the evil monster will be sated.

The evil monster is never sated. It always wants MORE.

The irony of this is rather sickening.

If federally-licensed, RCMP-vetted firearm owners were one percent as dangerous as “gun control” advocates insist we are, our situation would be completely different.

That we continue to behave politely in the face of this ongoing abuse of process proves we are not what they claim we are.

Instead, we’re exactly what we’ve said we are for generations: polite, respectful, independent-minded farmers, hunters and target shooters who simply want to be left alone to feed our families as we see fit, and hone our skills in competition.

The next time Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino tells you his antics are necessary to “keep Canadians safe” ask him when he will go after the violent drug dealers and gang members who shoot up our city streets every week.

Just don’t hold your breath waiting for an honest answer.

Mendicino, nor any other Liberal government official, is capable of that.








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