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Marco Mendicino Ignores Violent Criminals, Targets Licensed Gun Owners Instead (Part 17)

We would love to announce Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino has done something right on the firearms file but, alas, all the evidence we find proves otherwise.

Despite our calls for it spanning many years, there is still no police agency in Canada tasked with making sure these violent criminals are obeying their court orders.

For example, since August 1, 2022, 40 violent repeat offenders, all arrested for committing other crimes, were also charged with 111 counts of breaching their Firearm Prohibition Orders.[i]

Marco Mendicino hasn’t lifted a finger to deal with our broken Firearm Prohibition Order System and these 40 criminals were only charged for breaching those court orders after they were arrested for committing a variety of other crimes.

Another 48 news reports since August 1, listed below, detail cases where one or more criminals are either wanted or were already arrested and charged for committing one or more criminal offences.

These criminals and their crimes are all but ignored by Marco Mendicino because he prefers to drop the full weight of his office on the heads of Canada’s most vetted citizens: Firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) holders.

Not one PAL holder is found on the list of Firearm Prohibition Order repeat offenders mentioned above, nor are they found in the list of criminals below.

For reasons we cannot fathom, Minister Mendicino insists that preventing RCMP-vetted PAL holders from legally purchasing handguns will magically and miraculously stop drug dealers and career criminals from plying their evil trade.

It’s nonsense.

It’s stupid.

It’s an insane misuse of taxpayer dollars to ignore real, repeat violent offenders while pretending a “crackdown” on PAL holders will stop anyone from smuggling more illegal guns into our country or shooting up our cities and our citizens.

And what will Marco Mendicino do when he can no longer ignore those facts?

The same thing every moronic Liberal politician does when their firearm policy inevitably fails.

He will blame licensed gun owners again and slap even more restrictions on them.

He will continue to ignore the drug dealers, gang members and violent repeat offenders who shoot up our streets and harm innocent Canadians.

Mendicino was a federal Crown prosecutor for ten years. He knows full well this nonsense will not stop criminals.

He simply doesn’t care.

It’s Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government policy and nothing, not even the truth, can derail that train of fools.


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