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Marco Mendicino’s Agenda: More Important than Facts?

We apologize for another column bitching about the outrageous behaviour of federal Minister Marco Mendicino but frankly, the man has hit rock bottom and just keeps digging. 

His slavish devotion to his Master – Justin Trudeau – and his inability to tell the truth about anything make us seriously wonder if he is the advance wave of the next election, sowing the lies the Liberals will use to attack their opponents when we next take to the polls.

When the facts don’t support your political agenda, confuse your audience by linking items that have no correlation at all.

That’s what Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino does consistently, as he did again on August 17, 2022.[i]

“Handguns are the No. 1 type of guns used in homicides,” Mendicino started his statement.


Drug dealers, gang members and violent criminals all love their illegal handguns – most often smuggled into Canada from the United States.

But then Mendicino attempted to link legal handgun transfers to federally-licensed, RCMP-vetted Restricted Possession and Acquisition License (RPAL) holders with those homicides committed by the aforementioned drug dealers, gang members and violent criminals.

“It’s a type of gun that has been growing, on average, between 45,000 and 55,000 new registrations each and every year, and we want to stop that trend…”

The rise in handgun registrations reflects the massive growth of the shooting sports over the past decade – nothing more.

Licensed firearm owners are an easy target that costs the Liberals nothing because these individuals typically don’t vote for them.

Conflating RPAL holders with violent criminals panders to urban Canadian ignorance of Canadian firearms law. Since his election as “Sycophant for Trudeau” he has spent endless hours turning Canadians against one another, vilifying and demonizing his own countrymen for his own political purposes.

Predictably, he portrays new restrictions on licensed firearm owners as a measure to combat criminal violence – yet it does no such thing.

How could it?

Drug dealers, gang members and other violent criminals use illegal guns smuggled into Canada from the United States.

At no point are they ever “clients” of the Canadian Firearms Program – a descriptive that must be the most depraved variant of the word, “victim”.  Sometimes the CFP even processes and approves legal firearm transfers to licensed firearm owners.[ii]

“…and we hope that by doing so we’ll bring down handgun violence which sadly has been on the rise.”

As we sadly noted in last week’s commentary:[iii]

Since August 1, 2022, 40 violent repeat offenders, all arrested for committing other crimes, were also charged with 111 counts of breaching their Firearm Prohibition Orders.

Another 48 news reports since August 1, listed below, detail cases where one or more criminals are either wanted or were already arrested and charged for committing one or more criminal offences.

These criminals and their crimes are all but ignored by Marco Mendicino because he prefers to drop the full weight of his office on the heads of Canada’s most vetted citizens: Firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) holders.

Just like you prevent drunk driving by targeting those who drink and drive, you prevent violent crime by targeting those who commit those crimes, not those who obey every law, rule and regulation to the letter.

If Marco Mendicino – a former Crown Prosecutor and the mock chicken loaf of the Canadian legal deli – was serious about stopping violent crime, he would take measures directed at those who commit violent crime.

It’s so simple the very essence of the Stupidocracy – a Liberal cabinet minister – ought to be able to comprehend it. Yet he can’t. Or won’t. Or is simply lying.







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