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Liberal Virtue vs Indigenous Canadians: Guess Who Loses?

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Thirty-six First Nations communities do not have clean drinking water, many for over a decade.[i]

According to Statistics Canada Homicide in Canada, 2019 infographic:[ii]

  • the homicide rate for Indigenous Canadians was 5 times higher than for non-Indigenous people
  • One third of all homicide victims were visible minorities
  • One quarter of all homicides in Canada were gang-related

StatsCan’s Homicide in Canada, 2018 report is even more disturbing.[iii]

  • While the solve rate for homicides of Indigenous victims is 16% higher than the solve rate for murders of non-Indigenous victims, the homicide rate for Indigenous people is five times higher than non-Indigenous people.
  • The relatively low solve rate for non-Indigenous male victims may be related to the fact that 60% of these unsolved homicides were gang-related.

But instead of solving (or even attempting to solve) these serious public safety issues, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government will waste up to $5 billion on a Firearm Confiscation Compensation Scheme when it seizes rifles from federally-licensed RCMP-vetted gun owners.

Justin Trudeau will repeat past Liberal failures and waste billions to register and confiscate legally-owned firearms from federally-licensed, RCMP-vetted firearm owners.

These are not the guns used by drug dealers, gang members or other violent criminals. Gang members almost universally prefer illegal handguns, a fact confirmed by Statistics Canada.

“Nationally, approximately 8 out of every 10 (83%) gang-related homicides were committed with a firearm and, of these, 85% were committed with a handgun.”

Yet Justin Trudeau, a one-trick Liberal pony if ever there was one, insists spending $5 billion to confiscate and destroy legally-owned rifles from licensed gun owners will miraculously stop drug dealers and gang members from using illegal handguns.

Even the most ardent ‘gun control’ advocate knows this is utter nonsense.

Chrétien’s Liberal government claimed the Long Gun Registry would only cost $2 million. Its final price tag: $2.7 billion.

The former Liberal Long Gun Registry failed because it’s $2.7 billion price tag offended Canadians across the political spectrum.

Trudeau’s Liberal government claims their shiny new Firearm Confiscation Compensation Program will ‘only’ cost $600 million.

If Chrétien’s cost overrun ratio holds true for Trudeau’s Firearm Confiscation Compensation scheme, it could cost taxpayers over $800 BILLION before it’s finally scrapped.

This Liberal government can’t deliver clean drinking water to 36 First Nations communities or end 56 long-term drinking water advisories, half of which are over a decade old.[iv]

Nor can this Liberal government stop Indigenous blood from flowing in the streets of our cities. They have no plan to divert young people from a life of crime and gang membership that inevitably leads to more heartache and loss of life. Nor do they have any plan to stop the flow if illegal handguns into the hand of drug dealers and gangs.

In five years, if we’ve learned nothing else about the Trudeau government, governing by press release and photo op is an unmitigated disaster.

Trudeau favours virtue-signalling over solving the very real problems faced by indigenous Canadians.

If the choice is between spending up to $5 billion to confiscate legally-owned firearms from licensed Canadian firearm owners or give Indigenous Canadians clean drinking water, we choose clean drinking water.

If the choice is between spending $5 billion confiscating firearms from law-abiding Canadians or implementing programs to keep young Indigenous people out of gangs and life of criminal violence, we choose gang diversion programs every time.








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