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Mendicino’s Deceitful Virtue Signalling Continues

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino stated repeatedly and on the record that he invoked the Emergencies Act because police agencies begged him to do it.

Then agency after police agency testified that they never ever asked for the Emergencies Act to be invoked.

Then, after a horrendous Father’s Day weekend in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that left 2 dead and 9 others wounded, Mendicino trotted out more Liberal lies and peddled them to Canadians.

“First this past weekend, we saw another spate of shootings in a variety of communities across the country, which underlines just how urgent the matter [Bill C-21] is.”[i]

“[Canadians] see a lot of common sense behind the measures of introducing a national handgun freeze, around targeting organized criminals with higher sentences for illegal smuggling…”

Do they really?

Mendicino spouted his lying Liberal talking point that banning licensed firearm owners from legally purchasing handguns from federally-approved firearm retailers will magically and miraculously stop violent criminals with illegal guns from shooting and killing people.

  • Every one of those Father’s Day GTA murderers and attempted murderers were violent criminals using illegal guns.
  • Marco Mendicino claims increasing the maximum penalty from 10 to 14 years for firearm smuggling and illegal firearm trafficking is the answer, yet Mendicino and this lying Liberal government are removing the mandatory 3-year minimum sentence for gun smuggling and selling illegal guns.[ii]
  • In June 2022 (so far), 88 repeat offenders arrested for other crimes (drug dealing, extortion, murder, attempted murder) were also charged with 179 counts of breaching Firearm Prohibition Orders.

Marco Mendicino flatly refuses to fix Canada’s failed Firearm Prohibition Order system – presumably because every new violent criminal act helps him peddle the lying Liberal agenda on firearms to uninformed urban voters.

No matter how many violent criminals use illegal guns to wreak their havoc on society, Marco Mendicino, Bill Blair and Justin Trudeau insist every gang member and drug dealer shooting is “proof” that more restrictions on federally-licensed firearm owners is the only path to “keep Canadians safe.”

Here’s the simple truth about Canada’s 2.2 million RCMP-vetted, federally licensed firearm owners, using Statistics Canada data.

  • “Canadians who do not have a firearms licence are roughly three times more likely to commit murder than those who do.”[iii]
  • You are more likely to be killed by a moose than a licensed Canadian firearm owner.[iv]

As Dr. Gary Mauser correctly states, “PAL holders are neither devils nor angels; just outstanding citizens.”

“This should not surprise [anyone],” Dr. Mauser says. “Firearm owners are solid ‘middle-class’ or ‘working-class’ regular citizens. Murderers are typically aberrant people with criminal histories.”

But these simple and obvious truths do not garner votes for Liberal candidates in urban ridings – therefore they cannot be acknowledged.

And with their denial, the Liberal lies about licensed firearm owners and the political war against them continues unabated.








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