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NDP MP Launches Vicious Tirade Against Gun Owners

NDP candidate Erica Kelly (Etobicoke Centre) , posted on social media that she would not be sad if “gun nuts” were blown up by a drone.

“I know this is horrible to say… but I would not be sad to see these gun nuts threatening civil war have their asses blown to f–k with a drone,” Kelly said. “I mean, really, if only just to see their ‘tyranical government’ 2nd amendment argument blown to smithereens.”

“I know that’s horrible to say, but if they don’t care about kids lives being lost with the way things are there now…. I don’t really care about them either.”

Advocating that people exercising free speech in another country be killed for their beliefs? 

Running for public office? In Ontario?

She later disengenuously apologized for her ridiculous statement:

Statement by Erica Kelly:

“I deplore violence against all people, regardless of where they live.

The U.S. mass shootings in Parkland, FL, Sandy Hook, CT and Las Vegas, NV, caused heartache and anger for me, like for countless others. In the heat of the moment, in a personal conversation with a friend, I lashed out about extremist Americans who advocate starting a civil war to achieve their political objectives. I was wrong to take the bait. My comments do not reflect how I live my life and how I treat others. For that, I offer my unreserved apology.

My family are law-abiding gun owners in Northern Ontario. What I want to see is a culture of responsible gun-ownership, like we already have in Canada. #NeverAgain.”

Her family members should be hanging their heads in shame over the outrageous, vicious remarks made by this person on social media. Her apology is simply not enough.

Andrea Horwath, if you have a shred of empathy for the 800,000 lawful Ontarians who own firearms, FIRE ERICA KELLY IMMEDIATELY.

The trustworthy members of Ontario’s recreational firearms community will judge the candidacy of your party by your actions on this matter.

To voice your disgust in Erica Kelly, contact: 

Andrea Horwath, MPP
20 Hughson St. S., Suite 200
Hamilton, ON. L8N 2A1
Tel: 905-544-9644
Fax: 905-544-5152 




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