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New Poll Shows Why Gun Owner Vote is Critical in Election 2019

To those of us deeply entrenched in the political process, it seems unthinkable that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party could win Election 2019. Yet that’s precisely what the latest polling numbers indicate.

“The Liberals have significant leads in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, and they would be the favourites to win if the election were held today based on these numbers,”[i] says Quito Maggi, President and CEO of Mainstreet Research.

Despite a myriad of scandals linked directly to the Prime Minister’s Office itself, fully 35% of Canadians are willing to overlook the Liberal government’s abuse of trust and vote them back into office.

Given the Liberal government’s intention of banning and seizing guns from licensed firearm owners (but not from violent criminals), this is very disturbing.

These latest polling numbers reinforce our ongoing message to our members.

Vote in Election 2019.

Make sure your family and friends vote in Election 2019 too.

If you live in one of the 70 ridings won by just 5% or less of the vote in 2015, your vote is critical this time around.


Because of the 70 ridings won by 5% or less, 22 of those ridings are in Quebec and 28 of them are in Ontario, the same two provinces where the Mainstreet Research poll said the Liberal Party has significant leads.

Like it or not, these two provinces will determine the colour of Canada’s next government.

Like it or not, voters in these two provinces will determine if we will keep our guns after Election 2019.

We don’t know how many times we need to say it. Your firearms hang precariously in the balance. 

Vote – and vote smart.





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