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Pierre Poilievre Landslide Win and Other Good News for Gun Owners

First, congratulations to Pierre Poilievre, his wife Anaida Galindo and the entire Team Poilievre for the resounding first-round win of the Conservative Party of Canada leadership contest.

It’s taken seven long years, but we finally have united the Conservative Party united behind their leader to take on Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

“We will restore the hope of safe streets,” Poilievre said Saturday night, “a hope that is turned into fear in all too many places after killings in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and most recently, Saskatchewan.

“Weakened laws allow chronic and violent re-offenders out of prison early, at great danger to our people. Instead of spending a fortune targeting licensed and law-abiding, trained and tested firearms owners, Conservatives will bolster the laws, bolster the borders and put the real criminals in jail.”

We look forward to helping Mr. Poilievre win the next federal election so he can transform his vision for Canada into the everyday reality for all Canadians.

“No wonder people are worried. Most are lucky to be just getting by many are falling behind. And there are people in this country who are just hanging on by a thread.

“These are citizens of our country. We are their servants. We owe them hope. They don’t need a government that sneers at them looks down on them, calls them names. 

“They don’t need a government to run their lives. They need a government that can run a passport office.”

Second, congratulations to The Honourable Candice Bergen for her stewardship as interim leader of the Conservative Party.

While we are saddened at her announced retirement, we’re incredibly grateful for her help and guidance over the years, including but not limited to her stewardship of Bill C-19 through Parliament and into law.

“Seeing our caucus come together again as a unified and strong opposition,” Bergen said, “and our party grow to over 678,000 members strong has shown me once again that the tried-and-true values and principles of respect of different viewpoints, trust in your team, and staying consistently Conservative is the path to success for our party and the country.”

Candice Bergen is the epitome of integrity in politics, a fact proven over and over again through her 14 years of service to Canadians.

On behalf of our entire membership, staff, Board of Directors and president, Diane Towne, we wish Candice and Michael every success in the future – whatever path they choose to take.

Third, congratulations to Firearms Outlet Canada and their successful TACCOM Show in Toronto this past weekend. CSSA was proud to be there and support this event again!

Finally, congratulations to Wendy Cukier, President of the Coalition for Gun Control, for being unceremoniously tossed from the legal battle over SOR/2020-96 – aka the May 1st Gun Ban by Order in Council.

The federal court decision by Associate Chief Justice Jocelyne Gagné, released on September 12, 2022, made Ms. Cukier’s irrelevance to the proceedings crystal clear.[i]

“However, not only will the Coalition not be filing its own evidence, but Dr. Cukier admitted on cross-examination that she had not reviewed the numerous affidavits and extensive documentary evidence filed by all the parties in support of their respective positions.”

“Therefore, for the foregoing reasons, I will dismiss the motions.”

We are grateful to Associate Chief Justice Jocelyne Gagné for this decision.

We are also grateful to Christine Generoux. It was her tenacious cross-examination of Wendy Cukier which forced Ms. Cukier to make her damning admission to federal court.







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