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RCMP Secret Long Gun Registry: What We Always Knew vs. What We Can Now Prove

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On the one-year anniversary of the Liberal Government’s Gun Ban by Order in Council, it’s only fitting we uncover proof the RCMP lied to Parliament and kept a copy of all records from the Failed Long Gun Registry.[i]

The problem is 95% of Canada’s 2.2 million licensed firearm owners still think the government’s firearm confiscation plans won’t affect them.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

On May 11, 1995, before the Standing Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs on Bill C-68, Heidi Rathjen said:

“We have an agenda and our task will be completed when all firearms have been prohibited, but as you can see, our position has been consistent over these five years and will not change.”[ii]

Their objective is clear ‘and will not change’.

Then firearm researcher Dennis R. Young uncovered the fact that Heidi Rathjen and her friends at the Coalition for Gun Control helped Jean Chrétien’s Liberal government write the Firearms Act Regulations in 1996.[iii]

“Due to the availability of the CFO’s and the Coalition on Gun Control, the time frame will likely be extended.

    • Sept 12 – 13 meet Coalition on Gun Control (copies of drafts)”

Trudeau’s Liberal Government already banned non-restricted firearms in their May 1, 2020 Gun Ban – so what makes you think any of your non-restricted firearms are safe?

While the Bill Blair’s OiC gun ban focused primarily on firearms that were already Restricted prior to May 1, 2020, it did not focus exclusively on them.

Many Non-Restricted firearms were Prohibited that May 1, 2020, as well. Since then, the RCMP has quietly and consistently reclassified dozens of other Non-Restricted firearms as Prohibited without telling anyone.


The RCMP’s Secret Long Gun Registry

We known all along the RCMP kept a copy of the failed Long Gun Registry. The RCMP’s High River Gun Grab made that abundantly clear but, despite Dennis Young’s relentless efforts, we couldn’t prove it.

We knew Deputy Commissioner Peter Henschel lied to Parliament in 2015 when he said, “… the RCMP destroyed the [long gun registry] records between October 26, 2012, and October 31, 2012.”[iv]

But we couldn’t prove it.

Not until firearms attorney Edward Burlew received copies of clients’ registered firearms through disclosure from the Ontario Crown Prosecutor’s Office.

It was a completely different list than the one the RCMP delivered to his client through an Access to Information Request.

For at least three clients, the list of firearms provided in the Crown’s disclosure differed drastically from the list his clients obtained by filing an ATIP with the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program.

The Crown’s disclosure contained his client’s Restricted and Prohibited firearms, as well as all of his previously-registered Non-Restricted firearms. The Non-Restricted firearms were not listed on the clients’ ATIP reports.

Ed Burlew now had proof the RCMP lied to Parliament and the Canadian people. He obtained permission from Ontario’s Attorney General to share this information with Members of Parliament.

This secret copy of the Long Gun Registry will be used as the starting point when tracking down owners of ‘newly banned firearms’ under Order in Council SOR/2020-96.

If you’re one of the many gun owners who believe police will accept “I sold it” or “It fell out of my boat” as an acceptable answer, you’re sorely mistaken.

The RCMP, OPP and every other police force tracking down ‘newly banned firearms’ will not stop with excuses like those. They will, in all probability, arrest you for obstruction of justice, at a minimum, while seizing all of your firearms before interrogating you.

While you have the right to remain silent, and you should absolutely do so, there is no corresponding limitation on police.  They are free to talk to you, badger you, threaten you, coerce you and browbeat you for as long as they like. 

Licensed firearm owners are decent, law-abiding Canadians who want to do the right thing. When subjected to this type of pressure, many will fold and tell the police exactly what they want to know.

If you’ve ever been the subject of a police interrogation, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

If you have never been subjected to this sort of pressure, speak to Bruce Montague. Police threatened to bulldoze Bruce Montague’s home to the ground – the home be built with his bare hands – if he didn’t tell them where his guns were.

How many can withstand that sort of pressure?

Can you?


A Dire Warning

If you ‘only’ hunt or ‘only’ shoot trap or skeet and you believe the government will never come for your guns, you’re deluding yourself.

If the government can ban and confiscate your Ruger Mini-14 and your Ruger Mini-30, what self-delusion makes you believe Remington 7400 or Remington 7600 are safe?

If the government can ban and confiscate your AR-15, what self-delusion makes you believe your WK-180C, your Norinco Type 97 or Tavor are safe?

And if the Liberal Government can ban and confiscate all those firearms, what self-delusion makes you believe your pump action shotgun, lever action rifle or .22 rifle is safe from Bill Blair’s gun smelters?

The RCMP has already deemed magazines for the Ruger 10/22 that hold more than 10 rounds are ‘prohibited devices’. 

Is it really a stretch to believe the Ruger 10/22 itself will be banned next?

These words may be difficult to hear. We understand that. It’s never easy to admit we’re wrong about something so fundamental to Canadian history as firearm ownership.

But if you ignore these words of warning, you do so at your own peril.


New Zealand Delivered Trudeau a Gun Ban Roadmap

Justin Trudeau’s government is still playing catchup with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s gun confiscations.

That’s why he jumped all over the Nova Scotia mass murderer as his excuse for banning over 1,500 makes and models of firearms.

The fact the mass murderer was not permitted to possess firearms was irrelevant, as was the fact all his firearms were either smuggled from the United States or stolen here in Canada.

Facts are not relevant to the Liberal Government’s gun ban agenda.

The May 1st gun ban was only the starting point.

Bill Blair’s ultimately goal is to out-ban and out-confiscate the New Zealand Prime Minister so Justin Trudeau can regain the ‘progressive’ crown when Ardern stripped firearm owners of their legally owned guns after a mass shooting at two mosques.

In New Zealand, all pump action shotguns capable of holding 6 or more cartridges were banned, including the venerable Remington 870.[v] 

In New Zealand, all semi-automatic shotguns capable of holding 6 or more cartridges were banned, including a wide range of Benelli, Beretta, Remington and Winchester shotguns.[vi]

In New Zealand, all .22 calibre rifles (bolt action, lever action, pump action and semi-automatic action) capable of holding 11 or more cartridges were banned.[vii]





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