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Saskatchewan Joins Alberta – No Provincial Resources for Fed Gun Grab

On September 27, Christine Tell, Saskatchewan Minister of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety, informed RCMP Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore that “the Government of Saskatchewan does not support and will not authorize the use of provincially funded resources for any process that is connected to the federal governments proposed ‘buy back’ of these firearms.”[i]

“The Government of Saskatchewan fully supports anti-crime initiatives,” Minister Tell said, “that truly focus on the issues related to the criminal use of illegal firearms, preventing and combatting gang violence and addresses the issue of illegal or smuggled guns in our province.”

We do not and will not support initiatives that only impact the law abiding, RCMP vetted, hunters, sport shooters, ranchers, farmers and others who use firearms for lawful and good reasons.

“That said, we will not authorize the use of provincially funded resources of any type for the federal government’s ‘buy back’ program.”

Saskatchewan’s Public Safety Minister Christine Tell and Alberta’s Justice Minister Tyler Shandro are unequivocal in their positions.

Provincially-funded RCMP personnel and resources will not be removed from the very real job of protecting and defending public safety in order to pander to the Liberal government’s useless virtue-signalling agenda.

These two provinces clearly comprehend what Justin Trudeau and his Liberal ship of fools do not: Focusing on federally-licensed, RCMP-vetted firearm owners while ignoring violent repeat offenders is ridiculous – deserving of ridicule – and will not be tolerated.

The CSSA thanks Ministers Shandro and Tell, Chief Firearms Officer Teri Bryant and Chief Firearms Officer Robert Freberg for their forward thinking, hard work and dedication on behalf of firearms owners of Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Ontario Call to Action

Alberta and Saskatchewan’s refusal to assist Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government and his efforts to confiscate legally-possessed property are a relief to their citizens, but they also show what’s possible.

We urge Ontario residents to contact the Hon. Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, and politely encourage him to refuse to assist Ottawa’s gun confiscation efforts.

Ontario Provincial Police members are paid with Ontario tax dollars to serve Ontarians, not be Ottawa’s lackeys.

When you write Premier Ford, consider including these points:

  • The May 1, 2020 gun ban by Order in Council did nothing to make Ontario safer
  • Confiscating firearms from licensed owners has no rational connection to any public safety goals
  • There is no evidence or public safety principle to support these actions
  • Their proposed confiscations are a disturbing use of billions of tax dollars for zero gain in public safety
  • Ottawa had no plan when they announced their virtue-signalling gun ban and they have no plan today to confiscate the private property of Ontarians.
  • Do not permit Justin Trudeau’s federal government to offload their misguided polices onto the backs of Ontarians
  • Do not permit Ottawa to force Ontarians to pay for its failures
  • Join Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro and Saskatchewan Minister of Public Safety Christine Tell and oppose Ottawa’s overreach and, in so doing, support and defend all Ontario firearm owners


You can write to Ontario’s Premier here:

Premier Doug Ford
Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto ON  M7A 1A1

Phone: 416-325-1941








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