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Smallbore Rifle

Smallbore rifle shooting has always been in the modern Olympics and is part of the Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, World Cups, and World Championships. Canada has a proud history…

Sport Rifle (Canadian event)

Sporting Rifle shooters use ordinary .22 calibre rifles with little additional equipment. Most North Americans easily qualify, as do several European ones. Bulls-eye targets are shot at 20 yards indoors…

Hunter Rifle

Hunter Rifles are similar to Sporting Rifles but have fewer equipment restrictions, allowing repeaters and optical sights. Also, specialized accessories such as shooting jackets and gloves are not permitted.

English Match Rifle

This event is shot in the prone position only. Almost any .22 rifle is permitted; most shooters use a specially designed match rifle that can weigh up to 8 kg,…

Free Rifle

Shot in 3 positions (prone, standing, kneeling), this 120-shot match is fired with an elaborate .22 calibre rifle and many accessories. Like the English Match, a heavy rifle with a…

Sporting Rifle (Olympic event)

The Sport Rifle is used by women in world-class events in three positions. Sport Rifle is similar to the Free Rifle but is lighter.

Air Rifle

This increasingly popular event allows any .177 (4.5 mm) air/gas rifle under 5.5 Kg. The target is shot at 10 metres, and the “10” is a pinpoint. All firing is…

Running Target involves a bulls-eye target moving at various speeds and being shot from a standing position. The 50-metre outdoor match is shot with a .22 calibre rifle, and the…

A fundamental principle of Metallic Silhouette Shooting is the use of unmodified (factory) rifles, both in the “hunter” and the “match” classes. The targets are cut out of metal in…

Fullbore rifle

Fullbore rifle shooting has many disciplines, some requiring specialized equipment and rifles. Currently, this site needs more on this topic. If you, as a member, know about fullbore rifle shooting,…

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