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Seven Ways Your Gun Club can be a Better Community Partner

It’s easy for a gun club to feel separate from the society in which it operates. It’s also an easy trap to avoid. Our most successful gun clubs weave themselves into the fabric of their communities and involve them in all aspects of the life and work of the club.

Here are a few of the ways successful gun clubs participate in and give back to their communities.

Fundraise to support a local charity

The Lambton Sportsman’s Club hosts an annual fundraising event for The Inn of the Good Shepherd, a local charity founded in 1981 to “provide services with dignity to those who are in need of food, shelter and other essentials.”

In addition to the $25 ticket price for the fundraiser, participants are encouraged to bring “comfort” donations, such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, diapers and baby wipes. 

This year’s event, a sunset cruise on the Duc d’Orleans, is on Sunday, July 29, 2018. Contact Caron Ball at 519-862-2641 for tickets.

Support your local food bank

The Saskatoon Wildlife Federation hosts a “Hunt for Hunger” every year. Hunters donate some or all of their harvest. Club volunteers and community partners grind and package the meat and distribute it through the Saskatoon Food Bank. 

Support your local Christmas Bureau

DVC Ventures, a beautiful indoor shooting facility in Port Coquitlam, B.C., hosts an annual Christmas fundraising event for children. Every year, they donate thousands of dollars of toys to support low-income families in the greater Vancouver area.

Fundraise to support cancer research

The Barrie Gun Club hosts an annual “Shoot for a Cure” fundraising event. For $40, participants can shoot handguns, shotguns & AR platform rifles under the direct supervision of qualified firearm instructors, as well as enjoy a barbecue feast. All money raised goes to support prostate cancer research and awareness.

Host a Women’s Day at the Range

Host a “Women’s Day at the Range” to introduce more women to the shooting sports. It’s a great opportunity to educate them about guns, safe firearm handling practices, and the various shooting sports. Ideally, all participants would learn how to shoot rifles, pistols and shotguns. The more female shooting coaches who can assist with the event and help women feel at ease, the better. 

Education is the key to breaking down stereotypes. 

Support your local Women’s Shelter

This can be a little tricky as the folks operating women’s shelters often are afraid of guns, but with persistence you can show them gun owners are on their side. For example, when Pinecrest Pistol and Revolver Club first tried to donate money to their local shelter, the donation was refused. Club president, Robert McLean, eventually sent his wife down to explain who they were and why they wanted to help. Pinecrest now donates money to the shelter every year, and the shelter is grateful for their support.

Host a Boy Scouts and/or Girl Scouts Event

Youth are the future of our culture. What better way to support them and show off our culture of safety than to host a range day for your local Scout troop? 

These are just a few ways your gun club can be a good community citizen and educate your neighbours. The natural by-product is positive media exposure for your club. 

People are far less likely to attack supportive community groups who give back. It’s when we hide and try to insulate ourselves from the world that we find ourselves in trouble. The more involved we are in our communities, the more involved they are with us, and we all win.


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