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Three Reasons to Fear an Early Election Call

Parliament’s summer recess opens the door for the political rumour mill to run wild. This year those rumours include the prorogation of Parliament (same as last year) as well as the possibility of an early election. That part is new.

An early election is bad news for gun owners. 

Justin Trudeau is riding high on his recent win. The Cannabis Act passed the Senate. This took priority over Bill C-71, presumably because he felt he could win more votes by legalizing pot than by angering gun owners. He kept his second-biggest political promise (after failing to keep his first on election reform).

First, an early election means Bill C-71 dies on the order paper. This may not be the good news gun owners may consider it to be. More on that in a moment.

Second, prior to introducing Bill C-71, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale held the first meeting of his freshly-minted Firearms Advisory Committee. The purpose of this meeting was not to seek advice, but to deliver news of what Bill C-71 contained.

Third, in May, the Minister of Public Safety held the second meeting of the Firearms Advisory Committee, this time to explain the rest of the plan to move the government’s anti-gun agenda forward.

“Canada’s Firearms Legislative Framework” is a Department of Justice PowerPoint presentation released under the Access to Information Act . That presentation, under the heading of Current Challenges, states:

  • “There are many loopholes and inconsistencies with the current firearms classification regime.”
  • “90% of all prescribed prohibited and restricted firearms are not explicitly listed in the regulations – captured as ‘variants’.
  • “Many firearms that would otherwise be prohibited are non-restricted because they are not listed and are not variant.”

This information was presented to the Firearms Advisory Committee in May. It’s a clear roadmap for the next round of gun bans. 

While the Firearms Advisory Committee members, comprised primarily of “gun control” advocates who want to see guns banned completely, hate the AR-15, it’s safe to say they despise all semi-automatic firearms, regardless of make or model.

So why is the death of Bill C-71 a bad thing if an election is called this summer? 

The replacement for Bill C-71, should the unthinkable re-election of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party happen, will almost certainly contain measures to ban everything on the RCMP’s wish list. The new legislation would make Bill C-71 look like a delicious ice cream cone topped with chocolate sprinkles. 

With a second majority government, the Liberals would feel emboldened to do what Allan Rock could not – ban all semi-automatic firearms in Canada.

  • “Many firearms that would otherwise be prohibited are non-restricted because they are not listed and are not variant.”

Here is what we think you can expect from a revived Liberal gun control bill if the Trudeau government wins a second term. Everything contained in Bill C-71, plus:

  • All semi-automatic firearms will be prohibited, including
  • All “black rifles”
  • Handguns
  • Authorizations to Transport (ATT) will be curtailed even further. The complaint from anti-gun groups is that Bill C-71 leaves 98% of all Authorizations to Transport intact.

Liberal MPs were campaigning hard before the summer recess. That is not by accident.

We urge every firearm enthusiast in Canada to contact your local opposition riding association and ask how you can help.

Justin Trudeau wants to win a second term. He also knows it will not be easy. If he waits until October 2019, the odds of victory drop like a stone. His best bet for re-election comes from calling the election now –– before Parliament resumes in September.

We cannot afford another four years with Justin Trudeau in charge. 

Prepare. Get involved. Ask your local candidate how you can best assist him or her. The future of firearm ownership is at stake, as is the future of Canada.



  • 398 page ATIP document courtesy of CGN user Gotrek


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