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The Political Battle Over Guns

Gun owners want to be left alone to enjoy our hunting heritage and our shooting sports, just as we leave others alone to enjoy their favourite pastimes.

Live and let live. That’s our creed.

We don’t care about politics/politicians – until they whack us with legislation pandering to big city fears about gang violence.

Such legislation is never directed at drug dealers and gangs. It seems to always be directed at RCMP-vetted, federally-licensed gun owners, with the ludicrous insinuation that stripping law-abiding citizens of their firearms will magically stop gang violence.

That’s like saying we can stop drunk driving by taking cars away from sober drivers.

It’s nonsense.

“I’m not the problem, drug dealers and gangs are. Stop harassing me and go after violent criminals,” refusing to admit our words fall on deaf ears.

Politically, we’re short-sighted and naive, given our current world believes “emotions matter” but facts don’t.

The truth is:

Few Canadians care about our culture of safety and personal responsibility.

Few Canadians care we use and store our firearms safely.

Few Canadians care we are less of a threat to public safety than police officers.

And while we marshal our army of facts, studies and evidence that prove “gun control” schemes fail worldwide – without exception – politicians, special interest groups and the media hammer the public with outrage and emotion.

They attribute sin to the gun, not to the person using it to commit evil.

In fairness to Canadians, much of what they know regarding our issues come from a bought and paid-for left wing media ($600 million so far) that ditched their impartiality and integrity a long time ago. This situation will only get worse as more and more journalists sell their souls to climb on the Liberal gravy train.

Our mistake – our fatal mistake – is we foolishly expect legislators to write laws to address real problems. We don’t want to believe they’re merely pandering to special interest groups to win votes.

It seems the Liberals rarely introduce legislation to solve real problems. They do so to give the appearance of solving problems.

Firearm legislation – Bill C-71 or Trudeau’s proposed handgun ban – is not about public safety, it’s about winning votes in #Election2019.

When we ignore this political reality, we do so at our peril.

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