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The Unintended Consequences of Trudeau’s Promised Gun Bans

In his efforts to pander to “progressive” voters in the Toronto region, Justin Trudeau promised to ban 250,000 rifles.

There are only 75,000 AR-15 target rifles registered with the RCMP.

So the obvious question for owners of “Non-Restricted” firearms is this:

“How many of my guns is Trudeau going to confiscate?”

“Gun control” advocates have long decried the fact many guns that “look evil” are classified as “Non-Restricted.” Look for all of these firearms to be banned by a re-elected Trudeau government.

Speculation runs wild, especially on the internet, but any semi-automatic rifle bearing a passing resemblance to an AR-15 will be included in Trudeau’s ban.

It will likely include many semi-automatic shotguns as well, but the question is, which ones? Nobody outside of the Liberal government knows, and they aren’t telling. It is likely anything New Zealand banned, Justin Trudeau will ban too.

Why? Because Justin Trudeau can’t stomach the fact New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern out-“virtue-signaled” him.

Banning guns from law-abiding Canadians is nothing but narcissistic balm applied to Justin Trudeau’s bruised ego.

So, Trudeau’s ego will attempt to go further than Ardern in his effort to prove himself worthy of the “progressive” crown.

The following are almost certain to be on the list of banned guns should Trudeau be re-elected, and is not even close to the full list he will include:

  • AR-10 and all variants from all manufacturers
  • AR-15 and all variants from all manufacturers
  • M1-Carbine
  • VZ-52
  • VZ-58, CZ-858 and all variants
  • Kodiak Arms WK-180C
  • SKS – all variants
  • Chinese Type 97
  • Chinese Type 81
  • H&K SL8
  • Remington 7400, 742, 740 and all variants
  • IWI Tavor X95
  • GSG MP40
  • M&P Just Right Carbine
  • Kel Tec RDB
  • Kel Tec SU-16
  • Beretta CX-4 – all variants
  • Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30.
  • and everything that is semi-automatic and looks scary to anti-gun advocates

Go to any firearm retailer website and search for “semi-automatic rifle”. Any guns on those lists will probably be banned in the coming weeks should the Liberals be re-elected.

Bill C-71’s Provisions

What is clear is the Liberals, if re-elected, will demand that owners of “Non-Restricted” rifles hand them over for destruction.

That’s a big problem for Canadian hunters despite Trudeau’s pledge to leave them alone. He’s not leaving hunters out of the equation at all. He’s coming directly for them.

Bill C-71’s so-called “back-door gun registry” provisions now make total sense. With no central firearm registry to hunt down owners of all these “Non-Restricted” firearms, police will use the gun store ledgers to “collect” these now-illegal firearms from their owners.

But Trudeau’s promised gun bans and confiscations come with many other unintended consequences.

The End of Canada’s Dynamic Shooting Sports

Action shooting sports are the fastest growing segment of our community.

Many tactical shooting sports, also known as dynamic shooting sports, will end because they are designed around modern sport shooting rifles like the AR-15.

Competitions like 3-Gun, where competitors use semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15, semi-automatic shotguns and handguns, will all cease to exist.

Canadian Firearm Retailers Driven Out Of Business

Because dynamic shooting sports are a lot of fun, many firearm retailers focus on that segment of the firearms market. It simply makes sense to service the fastest-growing segment of the shooting sports.

If Trudeau is re-elected and follows through on his promises, hundreds of firearm retailers, wholesalers and importers will go out of business, throwing many thousands of hard-working Canadians out of work or into bankruptcy – probably both.

This is not fear-mongering. Every retailer contacted about this possibility said they would have to shut down their business if these bans are implemented.

Will the Liberals offer compensation for the destruction of these companies?

Not a chance.

Will the Liberals offer compensation for all the people whose jobs they killed?


Gun Club Range Closures

More than 85% of all shooting range memberships are purchased by owners of “Restricted” firearms – rifles and handguns.

Will the remaining 15% of gun club members be willing to pay 5 times their current yearly fees to keep their ranges open?


And since most hunters use the range for only a couple of hours per year to sight in their hunting rifles, they would simply do that on Crown land without the safety requirements of a licensed shooting range.

Where Will Police Train When Gun Clubs No Longer Exist?

The first casualty of Trudeau’s virtue-signalling will be police firearms proficiency. This will translate directly into more accidental police shootings of both other officers and members of the public.

Today, the great majority of police and agency training takes place on civilian ranges owned and operated by local gun clubs.

Most of these shooting ranges will close. Can the remaining ranges handle the police/agency training needs of the entire country? No, not even if they wanted to.

This prohibition would come into effect as soon as the guns are reclassified, even before the first gun is confiscated.

Since civilian shooting ranges are not licensed for the use of “Prohibited” class rifles and carbines, police and government agencies would be prohibited from training with these (C8 Patrol Carbines – aka AR-15s) standard guns on anything but military and police-owned ranges.

There are very few police-owned shooting ranges in Canada. They are already operating at full capacity. Military shooting ranges are likewise in short supply and high demand.

The Failure of Governing By Opinion Poll

Like so many Liberal projects, Trudeau’s promise to ban guns comes with a ton of unintended consequences they never even considered and, once again, ordinary Canadians will pay the price for their ineptness and inability to think this through to it’s logical and inevitable conclusion.

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