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Township of Baldwin is Leading By Example on C-71

It’s a wonderful thing to watch the inspiration of an individual morph into a plan of action. It’s even better when the plan of action bears fruit.

Huge kudos to long-standing CSSA member, Texas MacDonald. Texas, the president of the Espanola Handgun Club, had a bright-light moment.

On April 9, 2018, that light came in the form of a unique motion from Mayor Vern Gortham at a meeting of the Township of Baldwin Council Meeting held in McKerrow, Ontario.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: The Township of Baldwin send the attached explanatory letter to all Municipalities in Ontario for their support via email as well as by Canada Post to all MPs and Senators that represent our Province of Ontario. We don’t need bill C-71 and it should be quashed without further ado.

The motion passed unanimously. 

Letters were sent to all 121 MPs and 24 Senators who represent Ontario the next day.

From the mayor’s explanatory letter referred to above:

“In our absence from being able to speak in person on this matter of Bill C-71, I request that our esteemed colleagues from the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) be allowed to speak on our behalf. These folks are well-versed in the existing firearms legislation and licensing requirements in Canada and can easily explain to non-firearms owners current legislation already in place and the rigorous criteria needed to obtain a Firearms License or PAL that is required before any person can purchase any firearm or any ammunition.

We have listened to both sides of the debate concerning bill C-71 and have also done extensive reading on the matter, reviewed the flawed statistics charts that single out the lowest year of crime in 40 years and use it as a base point for increase or decrease.”

The letter ends with this common-sense plea.

“I’m asking that you make a wise move and cancel Bill C-71 and simply enforce the legislation that is in place.”

Social media response to the story was positive and, along with the usual hashtags opposing Bill C-71, two new ones sprouted up: #ThisIsLeadership and #MovingToBaldwin.

We called the mayor’s office and, although we didn’t speak to the mayor personally, the town’s clerk, Karin Bates, said she’s received a lot of phone calls of support in response to the motion. She asked anyone wishing to support her mayor and council to do so by writing a letter so she could present it to them at their next meeting.

We believe it is important to support good people with great ideas. If you believe the same, send an email to and thank Mayor Gorham for his leadership on this issue and for setting such a good example for others.

After you thank the mayor for his leadership and defence of law-abiding firearm owners, make sure your own council supports this motion and its explanatory letter.

Find out when your next town or city council meets.

Print a copy of Mayor Gorham’s letter and attend the next meeting. 

Show them the letter and ask your municipal leaders to support the Baldwin Resolution. 

Tell them you’ll volunteer to address the envelopes, if necessary, and let us know when your town follows the lead of the Township of Baldwin and opposes Bill C-71, The Firearm Owners Harassment Act. We would like to phone and thank them for taking a stand against a bad law, too.

And please don’t forget to give a little shout-out to our own Texas MacDonald. Texas has been fighting for our rights for a very long time, and this project was genuinely inspirational.  

Texas, the CSSA and all our members appreciate your effort!


PS: As of this writing, 24 municipalities have responded to the resolution and have indicated their support!


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