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When Trudeau Calls the Election, Be Ready

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The Writ will almost certainly drop for the 2021 federal election within the next seven days. 

Sure, Justin Trudeau keeps saying, “Nobody wants an election before the end of this pandemic,” but how do you know Trudeau is lying?

His lips are moving. And he’s giving away buckets of money like candy all across the country.

Firearm owners could be the deciding factor of this election if we remember two fundamental political facts:

  1. All politics is local.

We may not be able to win the nation, but we can help our local candidate win the election in our riding.

  1. The world is run by those who show up.

That means showing up to vote at the Advance Polls.

That means helping your local candidate reach as many voters as possible during the campaign.

That means donating our time, our talents and our hard-earned cash to ensure our candidate has the best chance to win.

The CSSA supports the Conservative Party of Canada because it is the only party favourable to gun owners that stands a chance of defeating Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to form government.

All of us at the CSSA encourage you to contact your local Conservative Electoral District Association (EDA) and ask how you can help your candidate win.

When they ask what you’re good at, tell them and advise them of when you’re available to help. Even one day a week makes a difference.

Find your local Conservative EDA here:

By taking this action right now, today, the guns you may save will be your own.


Please visit “Firearm Policies of Canada’s Major Political Parties” if you need a refresher on the firearms policies of the party you prefer.

But remember… just because a party has a good firearms policy does not mean that party can win in your electoral district.

This election is, above all else, about getting rid of Justin Trudeau.

We believe the Conservative Party is our best chance of achieving this objective.

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