Special Bulletin to Alberta CSSA Members

Second Year Anniversary of the Flood - Got Trust?  Sunday July 19, 2015  Town Hall in High River, AB   Little Bow Park - 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.    Speakers: John CARPAY, Rick HEMMINGSON, Lorne GUNTER,… »

Team CSSA Media Release - June 18, 2015: Bill C-42 is granted Royal Assent

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   The "Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act" is now the Law of the Land The Harper government's legislation to rid Canada of some bureaucratic burdens inherent in the Firearms Act is a welcome step… »

Team CSSA Special Report - June 3, 2015

LEAKED FROM PARLIAMENT HILL:  A LIBERAL SENATOR SPEAKS OUT ABOUT HILL SECURITYThe letter below was written by a Liberal Senator about the new security measures on Parliament Hill.Ottawa, Friday, May 29, 2015The Hon. Andrew Scheer Speaker… »

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Team CSSA E-News - July 17, 2015

 COMMENTARY – PAN-AM GAMES:  GOLD, GOLD AND MORE GOLD!Apparently Canadian women shoot really well – especially the ones from Alberta. They are proving it at… »

Team CSSA E-News - July 10, 2015

COMMENTARY – THE PAN-AM GAMES ARE UPON USDespite the hideous traffic and non-stop media fixation, the Pan Am games are now underway. To the surprise… »

Team CSSA E-News - July 2, 2015

COMMENTARY – The Beasley Brothers are the real dealMany Canadians know the Beasley Brothers, creators of the television show Canada in the Rough, as decent,… »

Team CSSA E-News - June 26, 2015

COMMENTARY – WHACK-A-MOLE: THE RCMP RAMPS UP THE GAMEJust when you thought it couldn't get any crazier, the RCMP has ramped up its game of doing… »

Team CSSA E-News - June 19, 2015

** Please share this with your friends ** UnsubscribeCOMMENTARY - RCMP CLAIMS POWER TO DECIDE WHEN C-42 LAWS COME INTO FORCE (Excerpt from Bill C-42) COMING… »

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