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Dutch Govt Falls, France Burns, Europe in Crisis. Is Canada Immune, or is Canada Next?

On July 7th, the Dutch coalition government collapsed after members failed to agree on immigration levels, so the official line says, but political upheaval in The Netherlands cannot be explained away so simply. [i]

Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s commitment to destroying Dutch farming plays a large role in his current demise.

When attacked by their own government, Dutch farmers stood their ground. Ordinary citizens protested en masse. Voters, who previously gave up on the political process, turned out in droves to support the newly founded Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB).

In “something of an earthquake in Dutch politics[ii] the Farmer-Citizen Movement shocked the country and the world by becoming the largest party in the upper house of Netherland’s Parliament.

All of this was a direct response to Rutte’s attempts to shut down farming – a bizarre position to take given that The Netherlands is the world’s 2nd-largest food exporter.[iii]

Agricultural exports from The Netherland’s accounted for $122 billion in 2022.[iv] Rutte’s policy, if allowed to stand, will create a massive man-made food shortage.

On June 27th France erupted after police shot a 17-year-old immigrant, reminiscent of the riots, looting and arsons that plagued the United States after George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer.

French rioting, looting and arsons damaged at least 74 buildings and destroyed almost 600 vehicles in a week. The estimated cost to replace destroyed CCTV equipment alone is more than 20 million Euros.[v]

President Emmanuel Macron said the police shooting that sparked the riots was “inexplicable and unforgivable” and called for “order, calm, unity.”[vi]

Then Macron did his best Justin Trudeau impersonation, stating that France must “work on the deep causes of what happened” but refused to address what those “deep causes” may be or how they should be “worked on.”

And this is just the most recent social upheaval in France. Last year, Marine Le Pen made it to the final round of the French presidential election.  

In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban managed to cling to power by railing against immigration.

Georgia Meloni, an outspoken critic of immigration, won Italy’s last fall’s election to become Prime Minister of Italy. Meloni continues to rail against the western trend to destroy the family unit as well.

Political backlash is running rampant across most of Europe, yet Justin Trudeau ignores it all and plows ahead with his “woke” agenda as if the tornadoes change currently sweeping across Europe can’t cross the Atlantic ocean.

His latest ill-fated excursion into Alberta for the Calgary Stampede, which included a very public chastising by Premier Danielle Smith, ought to be a clanging cowbell in Trudeau’s ears.[vii] [viii]

“I’ve indicated to the prime minister that [net zero] is not possible by 2035, which is the federal target,” said Danielle Smith, with Trudeau bobbing his head like a Bobblehead toy seated beside her.

“We also know that an emissions cap, or emissions reduction, such as one proposed of 42% by 2030 but also results in essentially a production cap which we don’t think is realistic or feasible as well.”

Then Trudeau did what Trudeau always does when facing opposition. He attempted to paint lipstick on his own pig.

“We’re responding to the energy needs of a growing economy around the world while at the same time making sure we get to that net zero by 2050 that we all agree on.”

Except Danielle Smith could not be clearer. There is no agreement.

But Trudeau blithely spouted more lies to his compliant lapdog media who, in turn, dutifully spewed it across the nation.

Smith called on the prime minister to recall Parliament to deal with the Vancouver Port strike – which has crippled Canada’s ability to export goods to the world.

Trudeau’s response? He will “put pressure” on the union and management to settle the strike.

If that sounds like Trudeau is ignoring the problem in the hopes it will magically disappear, then you’ve just witnessed Trudeau Crisis Management 101.

Imagine if Canadians were to get a whiff of the full extent of Trudeau’s censorious actions with social media during COVID, something U.S President Joe Biden is under fire for this week.

On July 4th in the District Western Court of Louisiana, Judge Terry A. Doughty released a 155-page ruling on The Brownstone Institute’s request for a preliminary injunction against the Biden government.[ix]

Judge Doughty granted nearly all the Brownstone Institute’s requests and placed “strict limits around any communication between government officials and social media companies.”

If the allegations made by Plaintiffs are true,” wrote Judge Doughty, “the present case arguably involves the most massive attack against free speech in United States’ history.”[x]

Justin Trudeau’s government can no more withstand an investigation into his government’s censorial collusion with social media companies than U.S. President Joe Biden can.

Remember those tornadoes of change sweeping across Europe described earlier?

The latest weather report says they’re already half-way here.















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