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Who Will Take Guns Away from Criminals?

Nobody. Not Justin Trudeau, not Bill Blair and not Marco Mendicino. They insist confiscating guns from licensed firearm owners will solve Canada’s murder and violent crime problem.

“We have an on-going gun crisis including firearms-related homicides lately in Toronto, and a law registering firearms has neither deterred these crimes nor helped us solve any of them,” Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino said on January 4, 2003.[i]

  • In 2004, Toronto Police reported that of the 60 homicides that year, 40% were committed with an illegal gun.[ii]
  • Almost 20 years later, Toronto’s violent crime problem is even worse. Of Toronto’s 68 homicides in 2022, 62% were committed with an illegal gun.[iii]

“A criminal does not stop to get a gun license on the way to robbing a bank,” Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre said on July 24, 2023.[iv]

Yet Justin Trudeau, Bill Blair and Marco Mendicino, along with Trudeau’s bought-and-paid-for media shills, insist loudly and often that cracking down on licensed firearms owners is the only way to stop violent criminals from shooting people.

Cue The Ostrich Effect: the cognitive bias that causes Justin Trudeau, Bill Blair, Marco Mendicino to ignore unpleasant facts that contradict their agenda to ban lawful ownership of firearms.

Thanks to Justin Trudeau, licensed firearms owners can no longer buy or sell a handgun in Canada.

Yet drug dealers, gang members and other violent criminals can easily obtain an illegal smuggled handgun in just a few hours.

Violent, repeat offenders continue to obtain and use illegal guns – despite being convicted of serious crimes and prohibited by the courts from owning or possessing weapons of any kind.

Since Trudeau took office, the number of repeat Firearms Prohibition Order offenders is up 168% (2016-2021).[v]

More importantly, police only discovered these FPO violations after these individuals were arrested for committing other criminal offenses.

Trudeau’s approach is a colossal and provable failure, yet he, his government and his lapdog media mouthpieces refuse to change course.

More restrictions on licensed firearm owners!” is their mindless mantra.

Uncomfortable Truth #1: The RCMP Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) doesn’t track criminals who are slapped with a Firearms Prohibition Order.

Uncomfortable Truth #2: In May 2003, the federal government confirmed that tracking criminals prohibited from owning firearms is not necessary to manage the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP), and therefore these convicted criminals are protected by the Privacy Act.[vi]

Uncomfortable Truth #3: In 2023, Canada’s 2.3 million licensed licenced firearms owners are required by law to report their change of address within 30 days or face up to two years in jail, yet 489,083[vii] convicted criminals who are prohibited from owning firearms are free to roam Canada without telling the police where they live.

Uncomfortable Truth #4: The government of Canada has required the mandatory registration of handguns since 1934, yet the government cannot point to a single case where the registry has helped police solve a single crime.

“The firearms registry is long on philosophy and short on practical results,” Julian Fantino said in 2004.

“Trudeau is only going after the people who went through the vetting, the training and the clearing process; people who store their guns properly and follow all of the rules. These are good, decent law-abiding people,” Pierre Poilievre said on July 24, 2023.

“A Pierre Poilievre lead government will stop these attacks on our hunters and law-abiding firearms owners.”

Uncomfortable Truth #5: Justin Trudeau will – if he is not stopped – eradicate Canada’s firearms community and its longstanding culture of safety and personal responsibility.

Trudeau will replace our community and our culture of safety with more indiscriminate shootings, more violence and more senseless loss of life.

What does Trudeau gain by destabilizing our communities and our country?

After eight years of Justin Trudeau’s all-out assault on licensed firearms owners, he has built a more fearful and terrified voter pool who continue to beg him for “More restrictions on licensed firearm owners!” so they can feel safe.

Wouldn’t you rather live in a country where you are safe?










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