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York Region Mirrors Trudeau’s National Failure on Violent Crime Prevention

Justin Trudeau’s failed policies – fiscal, racial, social, judicial and ethical – divide Canadians across all of these lines and across the political spectrum.

Anyone who disagrees with the Prime Minister is immediately labelled, ridiculed and marginalized.

In this poisoned social atmosphere, it’s no surprise that violent crime has skyrocketed.

But it’s Justin Trudeau’s failure on public safety issues – specifically his refusal to address violent, repeat offenders – that tells the tale of a government utterly devoid of concern for Canadians’ safety and security.

Last week we shared Statistics Canada data that proved Justin Trudeau’s misguided and divisive “leadership” resulted in shocking increases in violent crimes across Canada.

Two of the most disturbing national trends under Trudeau’s “leadership” are the rise in sexual assault and sexual violations against children.

Unsurprisingly, sexual violations in the York Region also rose dramatically, mirroring the national trend. More disturbing is the fact that only half of all sexual violation cases in the York Region were solved. [i]

Weapons violations in the York Region during 2022 doubled those of 2021,[ii] as did robbery offences.[iii]

This is wholly predictable.

Instead of cracking down on Canada’s most violent demographics – drug dealers, gangs, rapists and child molesters – Justin Trudeau wastes billions to attack Canada’s statistically safest demographic, licensed firearm owners.

Trudeau’s strategy of pitting Canadian against Canadian, husband against wife, father against son and mother against daughter resulted in the wholly predictable breakdown of the family unit, which leads directly to rising violent crime rates.

This correlation is not new.

Almost 30 years ago, research by The Heritage Foundation showed the root causes of violent crime are the breakdown of marriage, the family and the community.[iv]

Yet Justin Trudeau and his government happily embrace family and societal division as the path to hang on to political power.

The challenge for ordinary Canadians is to educate our families, our friends and our co-workers that we must focus on what brings us together, instead of buying into Trudeau’s Orwellian notion that “division is unity.”

A federal election is on the horizon. It may not come this year, but it’s coming. And when that election is called, Canadians from coast to coast to coast must decide what kind of Canada they want to live in – one divided across every conceivable line, or one united by our higher emotions – gratitude, love, joy and compassion.

That choice will require courage, because it’s far too easy to allow the poison of division to dictate our actions.

Trudeau counts on the poison of division, and that venom has resulted in a Canada that is now shunned on the world stage.

There was a time, not that long ago, when Canada was the envy of the world.

Those days are gone, intentionally destroyed by a narcissistic Prime Minister and his lackeys in Cabinet.

The only way to restore Canada’s national integrity is to focus on what brings us together as Canadians and as human beings – both in our daily lives and when we cast our ballot in the next civic, provincial and federal elections.






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