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Violent Crime Continues to Rise Under Trudeau Liberals: Are Small Businesses Paying the Price?

Government The Destroyer proudly claims victory as it sacrifices another small business upon the altar of virtue signalling and political correctness.

This week, a 40-year-old Ontario family business announced it would shut down, ending the livelihood of that family and of its employees.

Why? They’re tired of fighting successive Liberal governments and the ever-growing mountain of demands and restrictions on their business.

This is not the first firearms business forced to close its doors since Justin Trudeau came to power in 2015, and it’s far from the last.

According to the RCMP, 4,522 firearms businesses operated in Canada on December 31, 2015, two months after Justin Trudeau came to power.[i]

We’re down to 4,158 firearm businesses as of December 31, 2021 (the latest data available).

That’s 364 crushed dreams, 364 families forced to find some other way to support themselves. The true number is many times higher, of course, since most of these businesses employed more than one person.

It’s miraculous that these businesses can still survive in Canada’s hostile political environment, where every drug dealer and gang shooting is laid at the feet of honest, hardworking Canadians.

And the offenders are released to commit more crimes and take more innocent lives.

It’s as if Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government intentionally and repeatedly ignores the heinous acts of violent, repeat offenders while simultaneously claiming it’s “working hard to keep Canadians safe.

This is just another Liberal Lie, as data from Statistics Canada proves.[ii]

Under Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, Canada is an increasingly more violent society and this increased violence is only getting worse.

Statistics Canada provides the proof that under Justin Trudeau's "leadership" violent crime rose from 50% to 250% in multiple categories

These violent crime metrics, combined with this Liberal government’s deliberate destruction of firearms businesses and banning firearms from RCMP-vetted and licensed firearms owners, all lead to one unavoidable question.


Why does this government want more violent crime?

Justin Trudeau’s government has shown us day in and day out – for eight long years – that they’re not interested in disarming violent, repeat offenders who routinely break their weapons prohibition orders.

These criminals were not arrested and charged because some police agency checked to ensure they obeyed their weapons prohibition orders.[iii]

No police agency – not the RCMP, not the OPP nor any municipal police agency anywhere in Canada – is responsible for enforcing weapons prohibition orders.

Yet confiscating firearms from the most peaceful segment of Canadian society remains this Liberal government’s highest priority.


What are they planning to do that requires ordinary, decent Canadians be disarmed first?

Buy ammunition, folks.










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