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What’s Missing from Liberal Firearm Confiscation Compensation Scheme?

Lost in Liberal virtue signalling about their Firearm Confiscation Compensation Scheme (and their lies about how it will “keep Canadians safe”) is any mention of compensation for all the spare parts and accessories rendered useless by the government’s confiscation scheme.

The partial list of accessories and parts below are not mentioned in their May 2020 Order in Council gun ban, yet they represent a significant investment by licensed firearm owners.

  • Backup Iron Sight systems
  • Barrels
  • Bipods
  • Magazines & Magazine Loaders
  • Muzzle Device (e.g. Compensators & Muzzle Brakes)
  • Recoil Pads
  • Optics (firearm-specific versions)
  • Scope Mounts
  • Stocks (Standard/Collapsible/Adjustable)
  • Trigger Group Replacements

As we noted last week, Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair knew their Firearms Confiscation Compensation Scheme would cost almost $2 billion in 2019, long before they announced their gun ban by Order in Council on May 1, 2020.

They went ahead anyway, and lied to Parliament and to Canadians every step of the way.

They continue to lie about it today.

They refuse to discuss any compensation for the myriad spare parts and accessories made useless and worthless by their gun ban – probably because this would add another billion dollars or more to their firearm confiscation scheme.

It’s odd.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is never concerned about how much money they borrow and give away to foreign governments.

They’re proud of the fact they force future generations of Canadians to pay for their virtue signalling today.

But when it comes to the cost of confiscating legally-owned guns from licensed firearm owners, this Liberal government lies, lies and lies some more – inside and outside the House of Commons.


Liberals Miss the Target

Justin Trudeau’s sole focus is confiscating legally-owned firearms from licensed owners.

He and his government steadfastly refuse to acknowledge their scheme doesn’t address confiscating illegal guns from criminals.

Every year, successive Liberal public safety ministers refuse to fix Canada’s failed and broken Firearms Prohibition Order system.[i]

Every year, thousands of repeat offenders are charged with possessing illegal guns in violation of those orders.



Write Marco Mendicino While You Still Can

Write to Marco Mendicino, the Public Safety Minister, or at least he was at the time of publication, (he’s likely to be fired for his incompetence any day), today!

You can mail your letter postage free.

Politely demand he provide compensation for all the spare parts and accessories rendered worthless and useless by their Order in Council gun ban.


Marco Mendicino
Minister of Public Safety
511 Lawrence Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario M6A 1A3

Telephone: 416-781-5583
Fax: 416-781-5586


Then share any responses you receive with us.





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