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Jean Charest = Justin Trudeau on Firearms Laws

CSSA humbly apologises for the mistake we made in our March 10 commentary, “Jean Charest: No Friend to Canada’s Firearm Owners.”

We were wrong when we said, “Expect that during this leadership campaign, Jean Charest will lie to you about firearms ownership.”

Jean Charest openly admits he will keep Justin Trudeau’s May 1, 2020, Order in Council gun ban if he wins the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

“I’m not seeking to change the laws as they are.”[i]

That was Jean Charest’s answer when specifically asked if he would repeal the Liberal government’s ban on more than 1,500 models of legally-owned firearms.

“That’s not on my program,” he said.

Charest told the truth, which leads to an obvious question.

“Does Charest know he’s running for the wrong political party?” asked CSSA Executive Director Tony Bernardo.[ii]

“Jean Charest’s draconian position on firearms is no surprise. He is, after all, the architect of Quebec’s long-gun registry.

“Maybe he’s trying to stand out from the pack and, if so, he’s succeeding. He is the darling of the totally untrustworthy mainstream media and the ultra-left of the party.”

So, while we were mistaken about Charest’s willingness to be honest about his position on firearms policy, we stand firmly behind our closing statement in that commentary.

Jean Charest is not the enemy at the gates; he’s already inside the tent.

 He is not middle-of-the-road. He’s a screaming left-wing anti-firearm politician and has the track record to prove it.

 It is safe to assume that any CPC member that supports him is also a Liberal in a blue suit.

 Deeds speak louder than words, and Charest has already displayed his true colours.

 Shun this pretender and all that support him.






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