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Liberals Ignore Violent Criminals but Obsess Over Licensed Gun Owners

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government remains laser-focused on confiscating legally-owned guns from licensed firearm owners, despite the never-ending stream of evidence that violent criminals and their gangs are responsible for these atrocities.

As the list of murders and attempted murders for March 2022 highlights, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government continues to ignore the criminal misuse of illegal guns.

  1. On March 2nd, a man in his 20s was found murdered in Mississauga. Police have no suspects.[i]
  2. On March 3rd, 19-year-old Jahleel Mckoy was shot and killed in Brampton. Police have no suspects.[ii]
  3. On March 3rd, police identified 22-year-old Akhir Haywood as the murder victim found in Scarborough, Ontario. Two suspects were apprehended.[iii]
  4. On March 6th, a drive-by shooting in Durham Region sent one person to hospital in unknown condition. Police have no suspects.[iv]
  5. On March 7th, a 39-year-old man was shot in the head in Hamilton. He died in hospital. Police have no suspects.[v]
  6. On March 8th, 39-year-old Shane Grenier was found murdered in Hamilton. Police have no suspects.[vi]
  7. On March 12th, 34-year-old Milad Rahimi was murdered in North Vancouver, BC. Police have no suspects.[vii]
  8. On March 13th, a man was found in critical condition after being shot in Toronto. Police have no suspects.[viii]
  9. On March 16th, 32-year-old man was shot and found in critical condition in Montreal’s Saint-Henri neighbourhood. Police have no suspects.[ix]
  10. On March 18th, 25-year-old Treyvhon Alrick Bradshaw was found shot to death in Halifax. Police have no suspects.[x]
  11. On March 19th, two men, one aged 35-40 and the other 58, were found murdered in Quebec City’s Saint-Roch neighbourhood. Police have no suspects.[xi]
  12. On March 21st, Calgary police found a man shot to death in the driver’s seat of a vehicle stopped at the intersection of 16th Avenue N.W. and Fourth Street N.W. Police have no suspects.[xii]
  13. On March 21st, one man was found with gunshot wounds near Brucefield, Ont. He was transported to hospital in serious but stable condition. Police say this was a targeted shooting and “there is no evidence to suspect there is any [further] threat to public safety.” They have two suspects in custody. [xiii]
  14. On March 21st, 41-year-old Chad Colivas was shot and killed in Abbotsford, BC. Police have no suspects.[xiv]

Did you notice the trend? In almost every case, police have no suspects. This is not to blame police, but to point out violent criminals are shooting and killing people with no concern they will be apprehended.

Despite having little data to go on, Statistics Canada identified 39% of shooting murders as gang-related – just one more fact Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government ignores.[xv]

As CSSA has also long reported, Canada’s Firearm Prohibition Order system is broken.

Since January 1, 2022, 218 repeat offenders who were arrested and charged for committing other crimes, primarily drug trafficking, were also charged with 531 counts of breaching an existing Firearm Prohibition Order.[xvi]

The only reason these 218 Firearm Prohibition Order violators were charged at all is because they came to the attention of police for the other crimes they committed.

And these are only the individuals who were reported in the news. Statistics Canada data indicates the actual number is at least double this total.

Justin Trudeau’s government, for reasons we do not comprehend, has no desire to tackle the serious problem of violent criminals who use illegal guns.

Lowering Criminal Code penalties for drug trafficking and illegal firearm offences only emboldens these violent, repeat offenders.

When asked about criminals who use illegal guns or the stupidity of confiscating legally-owned guns from licensed firearm owners, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino trots out the same old tired talking points.

He says Liberals will continue to deliver “responsible and strong gun control to protect our communities.”

He insists the Firearm Confiscation Compensation Program is “an essential tool” to get firearms “which have no business in our communities — because they only have one purpose, which is to kill people — off our streets. And that’s our commitment and we’re going to make good on it.”[xvii]

If this inane rhetoric offends your sense of justice as much as it offends ours, please tell Minister Marco Mendicino to get his priorities in order.


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