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Liberal Government Admits Bill C-21 Amendment Bans Hunting Rifles and Shotguns

It comes as no surprise that, despite all their claims to the contrary, the Liberal government’s November 4, 2022, amendments to Bill C-21 will ban a wide swath of hunting rifles and shotguns.

Prime Minister Trudeau labelled this indisputable fact as “misinformation” when confronted.

Trudeau and his cabinet continue to peddle this “misinformation” even after the government’s own briefing note confirmed it. [i]

“We recognize the proposed changes may reduce the number of firearms some hunters use today,” Liberal staffers wrote in the December 13, 2022, briefing note titled Comprehensive Prohibition Of Assault Style Firearms.

“I don’t see this particular measure [freeze on handgun sales] as having a quick impact, simply because those are not the guns we’re seeing involved in those types of incidents,” said Calgary Police Chief Mark Neufeld.[ii]

Liberal MP Pam Damoff parroted the Liberal Party lie in committee, stating: “We will not be banning any guns that are commonly used for hunting.”[iii]

NDP MP Taylor Bachrach responded to Ms. Damoff’s lies with contempt.[iv]

“We are not going to clean up the mess the Liberals have made of this bill, and people feel hoodwinked by these last-minute amendments. This was meant to be a bill about limiting handguns and protecting victims of domestic violence, but now the Liberals are going after the tools that my neighbours use for hunting, predator control and backcountry safety. When is the Prime Minister going to realize the mistake he has made, fix this mess and back up the bus?”

So far, the only answer from the Prime Minister’s Office is to send Marco Mendicino on a nation-wide propaganda tour.

Last week alone, Minister Mendicino trotted out five funding announcements totalling $11.4 million for “prevention programs” to London[v], ON, Whitehorse[vi], YK, Burnaby[vii], North Vancouver[viii] and Richmond[ix], BC.

The government’s press releases state this funding “will help address the underlying conditions that give rise to crime.”

Whitehorse Mayor Laura Cabott is ecstatic about the federal cash flowing into her city, even though she has no idea what she will spend it on.

“We’re going to start off just doing some engagement and trying to determine how best we would use that money,” Mayor Laura Cabott told the Whitehorse Star.[x]

These announcements are designed to take the heat off the Liberal government’s plan to ban hunting rifles and shotguns through its atrocious amendment to Bill C-21.

Justin Trudeau, Marco Mendicino and the rest of this corrupt Liberal government believe they can wash away all the negative publicity surrounding their ban of hunting rifles and shotguns with buckets of borrowed cash.

There will always be municipal politicians willing to peddle the government’s lies for 30 pieces of silver and a psychopathic media that dutifully repeats those Liberal lies.

Our duty remains the same.

We stand for the truth about guns and gun owners.

We continue to defend gun owners and their property through effective political action and legal measures like our lawsuit against the federal government for its handgun sales freeze.

Learn more about this lawsuit and how you can help here:


















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