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Meet the new Minister – Just as Inept as the old (fired) Minister

On July 26, 2023, Marco Mendicino was fired from his post as Minister of Public Safety.

This is a good thing for Canadians in general, even if it’s meaningless to Canada’s 2.3 million firearms owners.

Mendicino, a former federal prosecutor, ditched his integrity faster than he could kiss the Prime Minister’s butt when offered the job (and the massive paycheque that came with it).

Mendicino knew licensed firearms owners are not a public safety threat, yet he continuously bashed us, attacked us, lied about us and lied about confiscating our hunting rifles and shotguns.

Then he rubber-stamped a serial child rapist and murderer’s move to a medium-security prison, as if Canadians from coast to coast to coast would not be outraged.

Ordinary Canadians despise child rapists and murderers, something that never occurred to Mendicino and his total disconnect from the people he was sworn to protect cost him his job.

So, good riddance, Marco. Your firing is long overdue, and we’re glad you’re gone.

Mendicino couldn’t help but, in true political fashion, crow about his own awesomeness after he was dumped from Cabinet.

“I’m proud of all we accomplished at Immigration and Public Safety – from welcoming a record number of new Canadians to advancing a historic gun control bill to improving Indigenous policing and more.”[i]

Except his “historic” gun control bill – hated by everyone on all sides of the gun debate – hasn’t passed. It may never pass if Trudeau calls an early election.

Now for the new Minister of Public Safety, Dominic LeBlanc.

“First elected in 2000, the New Brunswick MP has long been part of Trudeau’s trusted inner circle,” Jim Bronskill wrote yesterday.[ii]

If you, dear gun owner, believe anything will change with LeBlanc heading Public Safety, you’re probably drinking the same Kool-Aid as Justin Trudeau’s caucus.

Like Mendicino before him, Dominic LeBlanc will do exactly what Trudeau tells him to do, and for the same reason.

LeBlanc wants the massive paycheque that comes with the Minister’s chair.

LeBlanc won’t care about our issue any more than Mendicino did, and for the same reason.

His boss hates guns in the hands of decent, ordinary Canadians.

Justin Trudeau prefers guns – illegal guns – in the hands of violent criminals.

Every time a gang member, drug dealer or other degenerate criminal shoots someone, Trudeau bangs the gong of “gun control” and his media lapdogs, right on cue, push Trudeau’s false narrative as they salivate over the pay subsidy their unquestioning compliance guarantees.

For every Canadian who takes all the firearm safety courses, passes the written and practical safety tests, who faithfully and dutifully store their firearms safely and securely, and who use those firearms safely every single day, nothing will change.

We will still be the most hated segment of Canadian society by this Liberal government.

Not because of a single thing we ever did, but because we want to simply be left alone to live our lives as we see fit.

We dare to ask questions.

We dare demand proof.

We dare to demand government policy be based on evidence, not virtue-signalling or pandering to special interest groups.

In other words, we don’t fit into Liberal Canada – a cohort that would be out of its depth in a parking lot puddle – because we have common sense and we’re not afraid to use it. Unlike so many in politics and in all political parties.








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