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Minister Blair’s Mandate Letter is Filled With Contradiction

It’s fitting that Justin Trudeau delivered Public Safety Minister Bill Blair’s Mandate Letter on Friday, December 13th.[i]

It’s bad luck for gun owners, and bad luck for anyone who believes in evidence-based policy on firearms.

“We are committed to evidence-based decision-making that takes into consideration the impacts of policies on all Canadians and fully defends the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

If Trudeau’s so-called commitment “to evidence-based decision-making” was true, pigs would fly and Ottawa would be an airport. Trudeau would no longer be Prime Minister because of “Blackface” and Alberta would have already left Confederation.

But none of that will today.

Instead of focusing on the opioid crisis that’s claimed almost 14,000 lives since Trudeau was elected in 2015, his priority for Bill Blair is to take away guns from federally-licenced, RCMP-vetted Canadians.

Opioids are a massive threat to public safety, yet the Trudeau government isn’t lifting a finger to address this clear and present danger to Canadians.[ii]

Why not?

Probably for the same reason the Trudeau government isn’t lifting a finger to address the 443,000 people who are prohibited from owning firearms yet reoffend almost daily.[iii]

It takes time, effort and resources to tackle such mundane but serious issues, and it lacks the critical requirement for any Liberal firearms initiative: virtue-signalling.

Banning “scary-looking” guns from people vetted daily by our national police force somehow delivers that “critical” requirement that taking real action to save lives does not.

All of Trudeau’s virtue-signalling will not and cannot stop the gang shootings in Toronto nor will it stop repeat violent offenders, like the 41 people arrested and charged for violating their Firearm Prohibition Orders in November alone, from breaking the law and hurting innocent people.[iv]

In Trudeau-Land, so long as the prime minister gets his virtue-signalling press release delivered to the world all will be well, even if the violence plaguing Toronto continues unabated.

What continues to baffle us here at the CSSA is why nobody cares that Trudeau 2.0 isn’t lifting a finger to stop the real public safety threats Canadians face every day.

Why don’t Canadians care that our government is totally committed to pandering to activists who couldn’t care less about saving lives?

Why is Trudeau so pre-occupied with taking away “scary-looking guns” from federally-licensed RCMP-vetted Canadians instead of doing the hard work required to end the gang violence plaguing our cities?






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