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“Preaching to the Choir”

Some housekeeping matters…
It’s a rare week that goes by where we don’t receive e-mails suggesting we should send our Team CSSA E-News to the media or politicians instead of “preaching to the choir.”
We felt we should set the record straight.
Each and every issue of Team CSSA E-News, every press release and special bulletin we write, is sent to 450 members of the media and is delivered to the inboxes of every federal member of Parliament, Senators and many key political staffers.
We also recognize the need to keep our CSSA members informed so we also send them to you.
Team CSSA E-News is an important publication to inform many audiences about firearms-related news, both here at home and around the world.
We are always seeking to improve the tools we use to communicate with our membership.
ON THAT NOTE, the CSSA will be conducting a survey of our members later this week regarding our communication platforms.
This survey is very important as we seek to provide the very best services to CSSA members.
  • All information collected will be tallied and original surveys destroyed.
  • No record of individual answers will be retained.
Survey participants will be asked for three pieces of information to verify their CSSA membership.
This will be the first of several quick and easy surveys that will be delivered to you to help us serve you better.
Your participation in this survey will be greatly appreciated.
Finally, with the Trudeau government driving anti-gun headlines, it has been an extraordinarily busy time.
The CSSA has received a number of calls and emails from members wanting to know if we are going to consider a court challenge. While we are not ruling out any potential action, please understand that at this time, there is nothing to challenge but the bellicose emissions arising from Parliament Hill. We have not yet seen legislation, nor have we seen an order in council. In fact, it is unlikely that we will see anything until well into 2020.
In the meantime, we are moving forward with a number of strategic plans to attempt to turn the juggernaut away from Canada’s innocent firearms owners. You can rest assured that we will keep you informed regarding developments as best we can.
And, as always, we thank you for your support.
Never forget – never surrender.

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