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Liberal government seeks Firearm Confiscation Scapegoat

The Liberal government wants to hire licensed firearm businesses to come to your home, destroy your firearm in front of your eyes, then transport your ruined property to a destruction facility.

All before you are paid a dime.

This news came out in a July 14, 2022, Public Safety Canada Request for Information (RFI) to see if anyone is willing to be the Liberal government’s scapegoat for door-to-door pick-up and destruction of “newly prohibited firearms (NPFs)”.[i]

What is clear from this RFI is the Government of Canada has no intention (at this point) of using law-enforcement or military personnel or resources for the collection of “newly prohibited firearms (NPFs)” under the May 1, 2020 gun ban by Order in Council.

They want civilian companies to take on the confiscation and destruction of your private property while you wait for a cheque from the Feds for your already-destroyed property.

“The listed firearms prescribed for prohibition represent 80% of registered rifles in Canada, the majority of which are located in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.”[ii]

The RFI specifically seeks businesses with “licensing, training and experience in safely collecting, handling, transporting and storing firearms in Canada” and requires confirmation of the business’s “ability to render firearms inoperable at first point of contact.”

Is it worth being the government’s scapegoat for seizing and destroying the private, lawfully purchased property of Canadian firearm owners?

That depends on your perspective and the quality of your character.

There are always greedy Quislings who will happily dip their hands into the government trough while telling themselves that “Someone’s gonna get the thirty pieces of silver. Might as well be me.”

This program will be no different, with one important exception.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government will, with a straight face and all the faux sincerity they can muster, legitimately claim they did not destroy anyone’s private property.

This Liberal government will happily out their “partners” (aka scapegoats) as evidence the Liberal Government didn’t confiscate or destroy anyone’s guns.

Will once-trusted businesses in our community fall for this Liberal bait-and-switch?



The text below is quoted directly from the Request for Information:

Under Annex A, the RFI seeks “Goods and services to safely collect and transport NPFs.”

    1. Transition or collection agents that are experienced licensed carriers and/or licensed firearm businesses in compliance with the draft Security Requirements Check List (SRCL) outlined in Annex C
    2. Transition or transport services for NPFs to storage location(s), including transitory storage if required
    3. Infrastructure to safely host a collection event or to receive scheduled NPF dropoffs
    4. Collection capabilities (i.e. from businesses or urban areas)
    5. Capacities to collect from non-urban, rural, remote, and northern communities


    • Canada is only considering collection and transportation agents that are experienced and licensed as per federal legislation as outlined under section 4 of this RFI
    • The vast majority of impacted firearms are expected to be located in urban areas
    • Canada is considering the use of equipment to render firearms inoperable at first point of contact; upon receipt and before transport or storage (i.e. permanently bending the barrel and/or other alternatives)






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