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Liberal Urgency for September Election?

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If Justin Trudeau is to be believed (he’s not), his party has no desire for an election today or in the foreseeable future.

“Nobody wants an election before the end of this pandemic,” Trudeau said. [i]

Yet on June 4, 2021, CBC reported[ii] the Liberal Party activated its ‘state of electoral urgency’ clause which allows the Liberals to rewrite the rules for nominating candidates.

Why the rush to fill those candidate slots? The Liberals have only 162 candidates in place, less than half of the required 338 to cover all federal ridings.

On June 7, 2021, The Hill Times noted:[iii]

“MPs voted last week to hold a special debate in the Chamber in which MPs who are not planning to run in the next election could make farewell remarks—suggesting they are expecting the next election will be held before Sept. 20.”

The Liberals could drop the writ as late as August 15th and still meet the 36-day minimum required by the Elections Act for a September 20th election.

But speculation is the Liberals plan to drop the writ on August 4th, setting us up for an election the day after Labour Day, September 7th, which ensures voters are back from their summer holidays.

This plays directly into Justin Trudeau’s ongoing ‘one-dose summer’ talking point.

“A one-dose summer sets us up for a two-dose fall, when we’ll be able to talk about going back to school, back to work, and back to more normality,” Trudeau said.[iv]

Trudeau’s many reasons to send Canadians to the voting booth include some very favourable polling numbers.

Using data published May 31st, CBC’s Poll Tracker puts the Liberals ahead of Conservatives 35.2% to 29.8%.[v]’s June 6th data narrows that gap slightly, placing Liberal support at 36.1% vs. 31.1% for the Conservative Party.[vi]

CBC also opined “The Conservatives would be a significantly weakened official opposition, if current polling levels held in a general election, losing as many as 20 seats versus the 119 they hold now.”

And losing 20 seats is the low end of the estimate range we’ve seen recently. Some commentators double that estimate – which would be a total disaster for Canadian firearm owners.


What does this mean for our community?

  1. If you want to keep your guns, get involved with your local Electoral District Association (EDA).
  2. Donate some of your hard-earned cash to the party of your choice. This is essential, a fact MP Michelle Remple made clear in her Facebook Live video published on June 7th.[vii]

“Elections are won by financial resources. The Liberals are fundraising right now. I need you to donate five dollars, twenty bucks, whatever you can.”

Michelle Rempel Garner is correct. The Liberals are fundraising like mad.

In the five days from May 26th to May 31st alone, the Liberal Party sent out 14 fundraising emails with such choice lines as:

  • We can’t take our work for granted – and Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives have made no secret about their work to roll back our progress.
  • Meanwhile, we’ve seen Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives consistently oppose our progress for Canadians – whether it’s on our plan to deliver support for Canadians, fight climate change, keep our communities safe with stronger gun control, or so much more.
  • In a minority Parliament, we always need to stay ready for whenever Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives work to roll back our progress.

The CSSA supports the Conservative Party of Canada because it is the only party favourable to gun owners that stands a chance of defeating Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to form government.

  1. Find your local Conservative EDA here:
  1. Reach out to your EDA’s board members and ask how you can help. Let them know your strengths and your weaknesses so they can find the right task for you.

By taking this action right now, today, the guns you save will be your own.





[ii] ibid






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