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Liberals Ignore Illegal Guns in Their Fervour to Harass Licensed Gun Owners

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Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair insist creating more laws for the lawless to ignore is the magical and miraculous path to their promised public safety utopia.

The facts – for those willing to ignore such nonsense – prove the uselessness of their virtue-signalling path.

Piling more laws onto the shoulders of already law-abiding gun owners will never stop drug dealers and gang members from shooting up our streets and neighbourhoods.

British Columbia, for example, is in the midst of a gang war. In May 2021, there have been ten public gang-related shootings in the Lower Mainland alone.

“These individuals, make no mistake about it, are vying for control of the drug trade,” said RCMP Assistant Commissioner Dwayne McDonald.[i]

The brazen May 10th murder of Karman Grewal outside the departure terminal of Vancouver International Airport (and the subsequent miles-long gun battle between the murderers and police) is just one of those high-profile murders.[ii]

Police have no suspects nor have they made any arrests.

On May 13, 2021, gang member Jaskeert Kalkat was shot and killed outside the Cactus Club Cafe in Burnaby, B.C.[iii]

Police have no suspects nor have they made any arrests.

On May 20, 2021, a man was murdered in a hail of gunfire in Nanaimo’s Rock City Plaza parking lot. RCMP arrested ‘several people’ at a nearby Best Western Hotel but cannot say if they’re looking for more suspects.[iv]

In Brampton, Ontario – also on May 20th – a woman was shot when she opened the door of her home. Police say the gunmen attempted to murder the wrong person; they meant to shoot someone who previously lived at her address.[v]

Police have no suspects nor have they made any arrests.

On May 22, 2021, Gurkeert Kalkat, brother of murdered BC gang member Jaskeert Kalkat, was gunned down in South Calgary.[vi]

Police have no suspects nor have they made any arrests.

On May 31, 2021, an early morning drive-by shooting left one home riddled with bullet holes. Thankfully nobody was injured.[vii]

Police have no suspects nor have they made any arrests.

Predictably, Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair are totally silent about these gang shootings and others like them across our country.

Predictably, Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair’s plan to seize and destroy newly-Prohibited rifles from approximately 100,000 federally licensed and RCMP-vetted firearm owners are going full steam ahead – except for the often-promised Firearm Confiscation Compensation.

Despite Bill Blair’s assertion that he wants “to make sure that those Canadians are treated fairly and so we are looking at bringing forward legislation and a budget to deal fairly with these Canadians” the Liberal’s budget didn’t contain a single line item dedicated to paying gun owners for the loss of their property.

But what about those drug dealers and gang members shooting up our country?

The only sound we hear from our Liberal government about this ongoing crisis of public safety is…












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